Okay, gang ... when is the last time you saw Seth Andrews do an animated video on his YouTube channel?  Seems like donkey's years ago, don't it?  Well, apparently Jeff Sessions and his "religious liberty task force" got Seth's nelly up enough that he dusted off his animation software, got his pal Vincent Deporter to crank up some drawings for him, and VOILA!!!  A three-minute diatribe which calls Sessions, Trump, and the rest of the Bedlam-DC crew on their specious claim of religious persecution.

It's been a long time coming, but I think you'll find that the wait was worth it.  Mr. Andrews, that's your cue ... TAKE IT!

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That's really good!

I enjoyed that! But xians will go on whining anyway.

Yes, they will, the poor things.

Yeah, they will ... because the Christian privilege they've lived with all their lives is evaporating, and crap like Session's task force amounts to one of their last gasps to stop it.  I mean, heaven forfend they should be treated the same as every other religion!

Consolidating?  Perhaps, but with an overall amount which is still diminishing.  We just notice it more because people in a position to be heard are making more noise, like Sessions.  And for all his noise-making, Sessions is still vulnerable.  Note what happened when that judge held him in contempt for deporting that mother and daughter, to the point of ordering the plane with them on it to return to the United States (which it DID!).

The fact is that these jackasses have a long way to go to completely short-circuit what Madison, Jefferson, & Co. put together 200+ years ago, and I still think it won't be much longer before they are STOPPED.

They are also the ones who get all the publicity, & Sessions for one, seemed like a madman when we saw him on the news.


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