I wanted to ask this for a while.....is it weird to be an atheist and not be into science?  I have never really been into science, so that had nothing to do with my becoming an atheist. For me, I just figured out all of the superstition, and silly stuff credited to god and religion were bull. 

I guess I just need to meet more atheists, and remember that we are not all alike.  We think different things, like different things and are as individual as any other group out there.  It just feels to me, sometimes, like scientific minds reach this more quickly or easily.  I could be wrong....

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Rhonda - if you're not into having discussion with gawd-believers then using science to aid your 'reasonable' discussion certainly will not matter. For the many that actually have discussions with pious gawd-believers - science really helps. An example:

Darwin did not name his findings 'evolution' - he called it transmutations. Even pious nose-in-the-air Christains know things can mutate.

Next, there are certain DNA genes that affect only humans. One such example is Onchocerciasis (River Blindness) which affects 99% only children. This parasitic worm is extremely painful and blinding to it's host. It could have been 'Intelligently Designed' by the Christian God....OR...it could have evolved.

You get to choose - and Christians get really 'stuck' on this sort of thing because it makes their frickin GAWD look exactly liek the asswipe it is. How much fun is this? Science can be a very useful tool!

"We think different things, like different things and are as individual as any other group out there."

Hitting the nail on the head right there. Atheists use the science angle basically for the argument against creationism, ie: evolution theory is scientific - creationism is theistic and therefore we all become armchair scientists. Really science is just on our side.

I have always been interested in astronomy just as a hobby, but I could never profess to even understanding even an inkling of any other field of science though I do find it all fascinating, but as you said we think different things etc.

As an atheist child growing up in the '70's, I did not associate my interest in astronomy with my atheism. It was not until recently that the hype of creationism has, for the want of a better word, 'evolved' into an issue. Now I consider scientific views and theories as a backing for an argument against creationism and a darn good one I might add.


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