I wanted to ask this for a while.....is it weird to be an atheist and not be into science?  I have never really been into science, so that had nothing to do with my becoming an atheist. For me, I just figured out all of the superstition, and silly stuff credited to god and religion were bull. 

I guess I just need to meet more atheists, and remember that we are not all alike.  We think different things, like different things and are as individual as any other group out there.  It just feels to me, sometimes, like scientific minds reach this more quickly or easily.  I could be wrong....

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I believe all children are born atheist and are only taught religion from their peers.

"So I guess some people become atheist by birth."

Sandi, if you had asked me soon after I was born, I would have told you I had no knowledge of a god or gods. You didn't ask me.

But that's okay; beliefs don't require evidence.

The people who taught me religion 70 years ago? They aren't my peers; they're dead.

I became a born again agnostic before I became an atheist.

Welcome to the debate, but know this: only Humpty defined terms the way he liked.

I thought it was the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland who said that a word meant exactly what she wanted it to mean, no more, no less?

The Red Queen certainly merits her starring role, but in Through the Looking Glass, about halfway through Chapter Six, H.D. insists on his way with words.

'When I use a word,' H.D. said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more nor less.'

'The question is,' said Alice, 'whether you can make words mean so many different things.'

'The question is,' said H.D., 'which is to be master--that's all.'

My experience with English led me to write a haiku-like bit.

English, our language, / Has two excellent uses: / Poetry and fraud.

OK, you have a better memory than i do, but who is H.D.?

Humpty Dumpty

How is she defining words to mean what she says?

Perhaps 'peers' may have been the wrong choice of words, I can only use the words in my mind that make sense to me though perhaps not always correct. My point was that you 'guessed' people 'become' atheist by birth when I think that they ARE atheists until otherwise taught differently, in the same way I always have been an atheist because of my parents influence.

I have never been likened to Humpty Dumpty before and thought it quite cute. "'When I use a word,' H.D. said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean--neither more nor less." - I quite like that, as ignorant as it may be.

I might add that most of the time that I post on here it is usually about 5am and half a coffee cup down, so brain not always function....

With each comment, post and reply, I can only learn but more.

yes that makes sense and no you're not weird - rare perhaps, but not weird.

I suppose people who like logic like science and god doesn't make sense.....  but we need all the sciences and arts covered - so the more variety the better....

It's also something that I miss - is the creativity of theists - think about all the music, art and poetry etc that are about god or some other supernatural stuff.....  but I still like to enjoy it all the same....  just in context to it being based in the supernatural - which is an illusion....

"...the creativity of theists"

You're right, Alice; Through the centuries, theists have shown much creativity (or zeal) and your pointing it out reminded me of how much I liked the sound of pipe organs during and after my theistic years. In college, after I became an agnostic, I had recordings of pipe organs playing popular music and a Baptist roommate told me such music was heretical.

Your term reminded me too of the energy I had put into certain religion-related activities, and I'm okay with using an addiction metaphor to describe those years.

Another metaphor pertinent to our times persuaded me to write this post (persuading doubters might require an essay): the zeal that motivated centuries of theistic creativity is much like the zeal that has for centuries motivated pornography.

I'm going to work on that essay; the folks in my weekly writing group might like it.

It was more money than zeal that promoted all the theistic works of art and music. They were commissioned by the Catholic church for centuries, and even during the Renaissance, many were commissioned by the devout nobility.

But what is interesting about the Renaissance is that there was a sudden flowering of secular music and art, some of which was created while NOT under commission, that has survived, and is exquisite. This also occurred during the German Enlightenment period, and we take it for granted today that art doesn't have to be religious, but it wasn't always so.

You nailed it, Natalie; the availability of money created the zeal.

Today it's the availability of conservative money that created an abundance of candidates who are using their campaigns for the Repub nomination to sell books and perhaps get conservative talk shows.


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