I wanted to ask this for a while.....is it weird to be an atheist and not be into science?  I have never really been into science, so that had nothing to do with my becoming an atheist. For me, I just figured out all of the superstition, and silly stuff credited to god and religion were bull. 

I guess I just need to meet more atheists, and remember that we are not all alike.  We think different things, like different things and are as individual as any other group out there.  It just feels to me, sometimes, like scientific minds reach this more quickly or easily.  I could be wrong....

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Tom - LOL.....  creativity - pornography....  I'll trust you on that.... :)

I think whilst I'm waiting for your essay - I'll enjoy some more Christmas carols.... :)

John is right - it's not weird to not be into science when one is an atheist.  Atheism does not always = science.  I myself love biology and genetics, as well as sociology.  I have one son that is into philosophy; the other plans to go into nursing.  My ex-husband isn't into science and has little interest in it, but can confidently speak on many different topics - we are all atheists and we were all raised with religion!  

Don't worry about not being into science - just as religious people have their own interests (for some it includes science!), atheists have interests in the same varied types of subjects.  Just continue to grow and learn in the subjects that interest you....there is no right or wrong :)

My interest in the sciences was a major factor in my becoming an atheist. Most of my non-believing friends, however, are more into philosophy or literature.

Same here Gwaithmir - interest in the sciences was a major factor in me becoming an Atheist -- along with dealing with the sexism and misogyny of religion.

It may seem that way sometimes because science always bears the brunt of attacks from supernaturalists. This is because science is often correctly perceived as debunking much of the foundational verisimilitude of religion's creation myths. Religious neurotics have had a long standing adversarial relationship throughout history with science that they don't seem to muster for the poetry of Pablo Neruda or the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright or the works of Gertrude Stein. But there are many solid atheists who have arrived at that point through the humanities or the arts. It's just not as common to assign notoriety to an Ernest Hemingway for being anti-Gospel or anti-Genisis because their work is less directly atagonistic to it.

Interesting point, Lary9!

Not weird at all.  To me, atheism does not have boundaries that contain certain professions, but rather anyone who thinks outside of what they have either been taught to believe, or at the very least (or most) thought for themselves.  I'm a science teacher, so I guess I fall into the "science" category, but I must say, my true love is literature and writing. ;-)

Right Annie -- thinking outside the box is very important.

I don't think its weird at all.  My husband is a lifelong atheist and is not "into" science though he will watch the occasional Nova special.  It might seem like atheists are so sciencey because many famous scientists like Dawkins are unapologetic freethinkers.

And we ALL need to meet more atheists... :) 

To be an atheist requires only ONE thing: a rejection of belief in god(s) ... PERIOD.  One might pursue an interest in science as a result of atheism or not, and ANY atheist could be of any profession or interest set.  While scientists might be more disposed to atheism because of their training, ANYONE can observe that the stories of the holy books don't hold water and/or that belief without corroboration makes no sense.

Atheism may be the ONLY thing we have in common ... but it is a significant something.

Well said Loren.

I agree -- well said Loren.




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