I've been experimenting with home made animated gifs to welcome new members. Do you think this one is too creepy?

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Like the idea, but the d/l time for animated gifs is a bit of a problem for many even with broadband. Even so, Yahoo I think has a free service to squash gifs to make thematic wee bit smaller.
Do you happen to know the  Kb size at which download becomes a problem for broadband? I could be careful to keep the new ones small.
hey, ruth: thanks for the post and, no, I don't think it's a creepy idea at all. The only thing that might antagonize anyone is that if the file is too large (see above) or doesn't allow you a choice or not to download it. Otherwise, knock yourself out! good idea!
I think it's fun! 
So do I.
It's cute.
I don't think it is too creepy. It conveys happiness to me.
Not creepy at all!  Cute!
I really like it Ruth! You make the best animated Gifs. I like seeing your new creations on the site.




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