I haven't been on atheistnexus in quite some time. I'm glad some of you are still enjoying my Web Slang discussion.

Anyway, it's been a tough couple of months. I've been studying for two insurance exams (not concurrently). I did end up passing both and am just awaiting my second license to start working again. I'm sure that this is all TMI, but the point is that I've missed the chats here.

Another bit of good news in case you're interested: Roswatheists is growing. I founded the group last April because it was lonely out here with no other atheists to talk to face-to-face. While I love the online forums, here and on other sites, they just weren't enough. I seriously needed some personal interaction.


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Cool - good "luck" on your exams. I hope you do well.

Nice to see you back here.

I will check that link.




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