It’s no yoke! Odd egg discovered in Fordingbridge

According to Salisbury Journal"This peculiar-looking egg was picked up by reader Eileen Witt of FordingbridgeShe said: “This is the first time I have ever seen an egg like this. I have been picking up eggs on Midgham Farm, Fordingbridge for the past eight years. I still have it, I’ve not eaten it yet.”

I wonder if it has anything to do with heterozygotes or gynandromorphs or ????

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I also noticed the woodgrain-like pattern, but thought it could be an artifact of the camera or something.  I don't know much about it.  I still think it could be real, but may be a fake.

I have not heard back from Salisbury Journal, yet. 

I sent a letter to Salisbury Journal about the egg; haven't heard back yet. 




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