This video is so cute! What a squirrel.

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That was great!!! It made me think of a cartoon I used to watch as a kid growing up. Secret Squirrel!


oh yeah - secret squirrel

ROFL That is great! Thanks!

So glad you liked it Ruth!

So glad you like it booklover.

I always have to dissect everything, e.g., religions, so I figure this squirrel was taught to do this in segments.

Not necessarily.  Squirrels are pretty good problem solvers (when food is the goal)  There is a very profitable industry making squirrel proof bird feeders.  Their close relatives, the rat, is also a pretty smart rodent.  They have both lived around humans long enough to adapt to our attempts to wipe them out.

I don't think they were taught, but rather, figured it out on their own.

I have always loved squirrels. :  )

I think they figured it out on their on but in segments.




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