Thought this was interesting.

Kenichi Ito has broken his own record for sprinting on all fours over 100 metres, with a style of running based on the Patas monkey. The 'monkey runner' completed 100 metres in 16.87 seconds – the Japanese sprinter beat his previous record of 17.47 seconds

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It is! But don't try it at home! Husband once tried a walk like this to amuse our cats - they weren't. They were scared stiff! I never found out what they were reminded of, but days later I still saw them carefully checking out a room before entering...

haha - very funny

I'd never heard of this sport. Interesting, but a bit weird.

Hey!  I used to run like that once in a while when I was a child.  Thought it was great fun.

yes - it looks rather tough to do

I don't remember it being tough to do for me.  Maybe I'm a partial genetic throwback to pre-bipedal hominid locomotion, like the Ulas family in Turkey that I saw on a NOVA documentary:


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