University of Kansas researchers found that people could judge 90% of a person's characteristics from their shoes. You Can Judge 90 Percent of a Strnger's Personal Characteristcs Jus...

Since y'all know me by now, perhaps you can judge which of these most closely matches the shoes I wear every day. Give it a try. I'll tell you in a few days. If you want us to guess your shoes, that might be fun too.


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My shoes are E and I would guess yours are, too.

Ruth, my guess is you're shoe E:  practical, stable, comfortable and unpretentious. 

"Practical and functional shoes generally belong to agreeable people"

That's me. I wear practical shoes like the one shown in C. Black walking shoes. And of course when I go hiking I wear A - hiking shoes.

You're right about "practical, stable, comfortable and unpretentious", The Flying Atheist, and C or E might have been my choice had I normal ankles. But since my ankles are weak I wear A, hiking boots with excellent motion control, for everyday. They're waterproof, so a bit sweaty in hot weather for long wear. You guys know me pretty well. Thanks! Yes, I look schizophrenic when dressing up.

Ruth, shoe "E" is actually my fifth choice for you.  My first four choices weren't shown. 

Thanks, I needed a hearty laugh. Actually there's an accessories thread in Odditorium where these would fit right in.

Flying Atheist, wearers of your shoes will definitely need a podiatrist in their later years.

That's a shoe ethic I can respect.

I'm an actual Birkenstock-wearing liberal. For shoes, I prefer comfortable, understated sneakers or walking shoes such as "C". When dress shoes are required, I insist on comfort as well as style, and am willing to pay for Rockport, Ecco, etc. to get that.

(And thanks for the laugh, Flying Atheist!)




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