Not to toot my own horn, but I've just received a invite letter for Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. :D Big, huge honor. All that hard work, good grades, rigorous testing & waiting has finally paid off.

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Holy Guacamole!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

Thank you! :) My induction, I think is April 10, but there's a meeting Friday Apr. 6 beforehand. I'll probably find out a lot more then. I'm just excited right now. :)

Congrats Denise! Great work pays off.

Thank you! :)

Congratulations Denise!  I don't think we toot our own horns enough. ;-)  This is a big honor and I'm glad you chose to share it with us.

Although I have no clue what that is, I assume it is very improtant, so congratulations!

This might give you something of an idea....

Right, I got ya, dude!  I'm very blue collar, and mostly self taught, and Canadian.

Thank you everyone. :D


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