I took this National Geographic quiz and only got 50% right. Can you beat me?

What You don't Know About Energy Subsidies

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Hey, Ruth.  This is a non-functioning link.  Can you repost?  Thanks!  Carl

Thanks for the heads-up. I repaired the link.

I also got 50%.  6 right and 6 wrong. 

On a side note, I never understand why the big oil companies lobby against alternative forms of energy.  Energy is their field and their product.  They should be investing in future avenues for their companies.  Much like horse-carriage makers evolved and got into auto manufacturing (Studebaker) or Coca-Cola getting into bottled water (Dasani) for a health-conscious market.  It's a natural extension of the business.  Am I being too naive and missing something?  Perhaps the big oil companies want the little guys to make all the initial investments and then swoop in and buy them out once the technology has been perfected.  It seems the auto makers did that with electric car technology.       

That was interesting I got 8 correct (64%). I think that if the military was taken into account that Oil subsidies would be higher than stated in this test.

Interesting point, Chris. Military fossil fuel purchases, which are huge, are an indirect subsidy. It's tax money pouring into oil company coffers too.

I meant the military cost to keep oil regions stable and the military costs to keep shipping lanes open.

I also got 50% on the quiz.

I got the same grade. I need to learn more I suppose.




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