God has sent you to perform great deeds on earth. You are destined to be one of the greatest ever human beings on the earth. How is it that you do not know about it? There are astrology, palmistry, numrology and tarrot cards, so many sciences to help you know how great you are! Which one do you believe in? Not one, but all? Help yourself, that is, if you believe that one of them or all of them are sciences. We Indians refuse to stirr about without consulting an astrologer(mostly). 


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Why would you post this on Atheist Nexus??  None of the things you list are "science" at all.   Just a bunch of superstitious nonsense.  You aren't supposed to post this kind of junk on here.

Looking at your page this post seems very odd.  Did someone hack into your account?  Was there supposed to be a satire label somewhere that got lost??

god? Who dat?

Uh...  No wonder your opinions about gays are so fucked up.


Oh God! What have you done? You made me a fortune teller and have sent me here to do business? Could you not find a better place for me, of all the places in India? Even you can’t give me any business here! And what was that “F” word the good Doctor used? My mother taught me never to use bad words and I still obey her command, although I am 72 ( and a grandfather too) ! You are not merciful, no, no! The only thing left to me is to be an atheist now. I can’t do any business here but I will take full revenge on you for deceiving me.

You should know who!

Well, fuck.


Susan, I still can't figure out what you mean by "LOL" in response to Madhukar.  Help me understands; you always make such good sense.  

It was in response to dr  kellie.  The fact that he made a big deal of her saying "fuck", so she said it again.

OH!  I am so dense.  Forgive me!

*in priestly voice*  All is forgiven, my child.

by dr kellie

Well, fuck.

Returned with thanks.




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