God has sent you to perform great deeds on earth. You are destined to be one of the greatest ever human beings on the earth. How is it that you do not know about it? There are astrology, palmistry, numrology and tarrot cards, so many sciences to help you know how great you are! Which one do you believe in? Not one, but all? Help yourself, that is, if you believe that one of them or all of them are sciences. We Indians refuse to stirr about without consulting an astrologer(mostly). 


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I thought he was just being satirical.  Was I wrong?

Donna Darko

I thought he was just being satirical.  Was I wrong?

You couldn't be more correct. Thanks a lot.


Madhukar, Well, first of all, I see no evidence of "god".  

I do see evidence of wonder, evolution, infinite time and space and I recognize my senses as particularly wonderful attributes.  I even feel connected to all that came before me and all that comes after.  I perceive myself as participating in all of this, although only for a very short period of time.  There is nothing to convince me of a life or essence after my body dies, nor do I expect to be with loved ones who have already died.  When my life ends it is like turning off a switch that controls a lightbulb, I end, that is all, there is nothing more. 

You write, "God has sent you to perform great deeds on earth."  

I exist and have particular qualities that I can develop or squander, it is all up to me, no one sent me, nothing has a plan for my life. To write that sciences include astrology, palmistry, numerology and tarot makes absolutely no sense to me. I am made of star stuff but stars do not provide me a road map for living. Palmistry is the stuff of gypsies and all I have to do to question that is to observe the behaviors of our local gypsy population and their claims on society.  Numerology just does not stand up to scrutiny. Tarot comes from one's own imagination and reflects what goes on inside the brain, not some mystical force communicating through cards.  You didn't mention those boards that foretell the future ... I can't remember their name.  That, too, involves constructs going on inside one's own mind.  You also failed to mention being able to contact the dead or raise a table off the floor without lifting it. 

Do you believe these things Madhukar? Or are you trying to jolt our thinking?  I hope it is the latter. 


I just now read the other comments, and clearly you are either up to something, delusional, mentally ill, or evil, or playing with words.  Time will tell. 

This sort of satire is, to me, droll. Why beat a dead horse? Why wallow around in mind viruses, when we can think without them .... clearly think. Such language gives the impression that you haven't completed purging yourself of memetic infection, because you still express these memes, you still spread them. They're still stuck in your head, MADHUKAR. Stop yourself from thinking like a theism addict when phrases like these pop into your head. You could try reasoning with yourself, or distracting yourself with "your happy place." As long as these old broken records keep playing in your head, you're still enslaved. Turn off the recording.

Stop mind virus in my head!

A more positive approach is to imagine your constructive future through your own secular empowerment, or imagine the future of the whole species and your role in saving the future.

Imagine the future

Ruth, I think you are a genius, insightful, and very wise.  Great response.  

Ruth Anthony-Gardner

"This sort of satire is, to me, droll. Why beat a dead horse? Why wallow around in mind viruses, when we can think without them .... clearly think."

I am amused. Once it is understood that  I am being ironical, it is clearly understood that I am actually critising the practice. I am not new to some of my friends here, who know my strong atheist inclinations, so any advise is uncalled for. I am also not flogging a dead horse. I have said that Indians have strong faith in these practices. Almost every newspaper here carries a daily astrological forecast./ So, I expected critical views form members here. I think you have been carried away by one or two initial responses.

Oh! Madhukar!  Have you not figured out by now that I understand plain writing while satire and irony escape me totally.  You can be amused, and rightly so, but I am not amused.  I feel you played with me and my thinking.  Why?  What have you or I gained?  Who benefits?  

I don't know about Ruth, but I never read others' comments until I have written my own ... then I read what others have said. 

You wrote, "so any advise is uncalled for."  Well, I am going to give you some advise:  write  clearly, precisely, concretely, and don't play sophomoric games.  You may be wise and smart and strong and confident.  Frankly, I don't care; I want clarity.  

Joan, The satire was just for a little humour and my words that advise is not needed are not addresed to you. I have promosed you that if I have any differences with you,I will express them properly. We Indians are taught to respect an eldely person and I have already stated that I respect you. Please read my those words again. Trust me.  I also do not say that you are influenced by others. I feel utterly sorry because you are annoyed. I had absolutely no intention to annoy you. I always address my replies to by name.

She knows you weren't addressing her about the advice.  She doesn't understand satire.  That is why she is upset.  She feels you tricked her. 

But, MADHUKAR, we aren't the Indian street. For us it's flogging a dead horse. Think about your audience. Yes, you are criticizing the practice, but in doing so you're treating it as worthy of our attention. Why elevate it? Just ignore it. There are an infinite number of practices that might be criticized. By selecting this as worthy of your attention, and ours, you hold even tighter a loathed object which you should release from your grip like dung. Pick up something else, instead, mentally.

Other wise it's "You can take MADHUKAR out of the street, but you can't take the street out of MADHUKAR."

Ironic considering he calls the constant talk of Christianity as flogging a dead horse.



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