God has sent you to perform great deeds on earth. You are destined to be one of the greatest ever human beings on the earth. How is it that you do not know about it? There are astrology, palmistry, numrology and tarrot cards, so many sciences to help you know how great you are! Which one do you believe in? Not one, but all? Help yourself, that is, if you believe that one of them or all of them are sciences. We Indians refuse to stirr about without consulting an astrologer(mostly). 


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Ruth Anthony-Gardner

But, MADHUKAR, we aren't on the Indian street.

I don't even know on what street we are! I have been saying the same thing about Jesus, bible etc, but who listens? Jesus is as "out of street" to me as astrologers are to you.The astrologers at least are there on Idian streets, Jesus isn't. He is dead 1000 years ago. Once I know the name of the street on which we are, I will realise to which region we belong.

The subject is not in my mind as you say. I am critising it as I want out of others mind. That is why there is some satire.

sok by me, pass the bisquits.  umm madhukar, can you do my horoscope

Carl Pastor

In the present age of technology, there is a computer software for making a horoscope. I have already forgoten how to do it. There are plenty of ads in newspapers and on internet. They are doing a roaring business. Looking at photograph, you may be having a marriagable daughter. Do not get her married without matchimg horoscopes.

You seem to have taken Carl literally. This time he was playing with you.

Ruth Anthony-Gardner

You seem to have taken Carl literally. This time he was playing with you.

I don't understand what is wrong with you. I just did the same thig that Carl did. He understands. I never knew how to make a horoscope, nor do I believe in it. I have got my children married without consulting an astrologer. Troble is, you undrestand Carl, but you are taking me literally. 

Sorry, I tend to be literal minded. His language was more playful. You sounded like a straight man.

but, but \, i thot you werew an expert!!! heh heh heh. daughter is already off thye market. and im afraid i was not consulted. i was informed.   By the way poes anyone know why i said "pass the bisquits"?

I have no idea why you said that but upon searching the phrase I found this and thought it was quite funny:

Pass The Biscuits Mirandy By Spike Jones:

In the hills of Tennessee,
Sitting 'neath the hickory tree,
There's an ordinary rifle-shooting mountineer.
He loves a mountain feud,
And he also loves good food,
And when he goes home for supper you will hear:

Oh, pass the biscuits Mirandy,
I'm just as hungry as sin.
Pass the gravy Mirandy,
Give me some sup to sup them in.
Since nine o'clock, I've been sitting on a rock,
A shooting everything one in sight.
I shot the coys and a dozen Martin boys,
Shooting gives a man an appetite.

Oh, pass the biscuits Mirandy,
Pass them and kiss me goodbye,
There so heavy Mirandy,
I feel like I'm a gonna die.

Then they heard a rifle crack,
And a bullet hit the shack.
And another broke the dishes on the shelf.
So he grabbed his trusty gun 'cause the battle had begun,
And he knew that he must then protect himself.

Oh, pass the biscuits Mirandy,
I'm a gonna load up my gun.
I'll use your biscuits for bullets,
I'll put those varmets on the run!

He poured a ton of black power in his gun,
Rammed the biscuits into place.
Then he took good aim,
Oh my goodness, what a shame,
Bang the gun exploded in his face!

Oh pass the bandage Mirandy,
I know that I'm gonna die.
Darn your biscuits Mirandy,
I knew they'd get me by and by.

This doesn't sound like Carl to me. He must have had another reference in mind.


i was just playing. pass the bisquits is pasco biscum, a phrase the was used in catholic churches when they used latin there, i think im not cath so im no expert on it. but i remember kids making the sign of the cross and saying "pasco biscum" or "pass the bisquits"

Thanks for the explanation, Carl.That's not as gruesome.



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