Anyone planning anything for Labor Day?

Just wanted to see what everyone is up to.

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I plan to labor.


Not doing a whole bunch of anything at the moment (it comes with being unemployed!).

But in a couple weeks, I'm liable to be headed back to Dallas, Texas, possibly for as long as three weeks, doing work for Texas Instruments at their campus there.  We'll see.

Very nice you will be 3 hours from me

Spending the day in a jail cell, going over evidence with my client, for a homicide trial starting next week. Hope everyone else's day is more enjoyable than mine.

So why did you switch from being a prosecutor to criminal defense?

I would think that a defense lawyer almost always is defending guilty people.  Since the prosecutor is a public office, they are probably underfunded and have a huge caseload, and only prosecute people who they think are clearly guilty. 

So you spend a lot of time around thugs and rapists, thieves and con artists? 

There are the drug defendants who may be honest businesspeople or simply unfortunate drug users. 

And perhaps being a defense lawyer pays better.

Well said. Shows insight. Deserves an answer.

The answer is very simple. Here in the US at the State level (in Illinois where I live) prosecutors are elected. The voters chose me for two terms (8 years), after which they thew my ass out and voted for someone else. It's called democracy.

As an aside, the most popularity an elected prosecutor ever ever enjoys is his/her 1st day in office. After that, it goes downhill fast. Every time you charge someone with a criminal offense, or put someone behind bars, you not only piss off the person who is incarcerated, you also piss off their mother, father, sister, brother, wife, aunt, uncle, cousin, children, etc. And, all those people vote. In a county with a population of 7,500 voters, it doesn't take long to alienate the majority of voters by doing your job. And, the person that beats you at the polls will have his turn in the frying pan, and after 8 years, will have his ass tossed out on the street also. Unlike the elected recorder of deeds, marriage and death certificates, you don't make a lot of friends in the long run. Ohh, and if you dismiss an unjustified speeding ticket, now you've the police pissed off at you, also. 

Why do I now do criminal defense? Simple. It pays the bills, and my secretary really likes getting a paycheck at the end of the week so she can pay the rent and feed her children.

One final thing. I still protect the Constitution when the government goes after someone unjustly. I'm the only thing standing between a citizen, and the power of the government. And, occasionally, I mop the courtroom floor with their ass, upholding their rights, which translates into upholding yours and everyone else's.

Experience in prosecution would surely give a criminal defence lawyer a certain advantage.

You're absolutely correct.

The prosecutor's office is an incubator for criminal defense attorneys, there are lots of deputy DA's who are attorneys and not elected. 

In a larger metropolitan area, that's true. Not so much in very rural are where I live. By the way, planning a vacation in October. Driving through the Adirondacks and into New England. Any good places to stop at on the way?


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