Anyone planning anything for Labor Day?

Just wanted to see what everyone is up to.

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I plan to labor.


Not doing a whole bunch of anything at the moment (it comes with being unemployed!).

But in a couple weeks, I'm liable to be headed back to Dallas, Texas, possibly for as long as three weeks, doing work for Texas Instruments at their campus there.  We'll see.

Very nice you will be 3 hours from me

So why did you switch from being a prosecutor to criminal defense?

I would think that a defense lawyer almost always is defending guilty people.  Since the prosecutor is a public office, they are probably underfunded and have a huge caseload, and only prosecute people who they think are clearly guilty. 

So you spend a lot of time around thugs and rapists, thieves and con artists? 

There are the drug defendants who may be honest businesspeople or simply unfortunate drug users. 

And perhaps being a defense lawyer pays better.

Well said. Shows insight. Deserves an answer.

Experience in prosecution would surely give a criminal defence lawyer a certain advantage.

The prosecutor's office is an incubator for criminal defense attorneys, there are lots of deputy DA's who are attorneys and not elected. 

It depends on what you like doing - there are waterfalls, a park at Mohonk where you can go bouldering; trilobite fossils ...

oh wow - interesting

I'm spending the day at home except for a short bike ride out.  I've been staying at home on weekends and holidays because of my extreme dog allergy.
Thankfully today my head is relatively clear of the allergic fuzziness.  I got exposed last Wednesday because I was in the LH turn lane and someone pulled up on my RH side with a big dog in their car, and I was downwind from the dog :(  Before I could do anything I had been exposed.
Then on Friday someone pulled up behind me with a dog in their car in the LH turn lane and I was downwind of it, and I may have gotten some allergen from that.
I'm somewhat trapped while waiting in the LH turn lane, and dogs in cars sneak up on me.  So I'm making my LH turns a different way now, not in the turn lane.
It's been extremely frustrating.  I'm almost always experiencing an allergic reaction, because dogs (and cats) are very very difficult to avoid.  And I think it's crucial to my recovery to avoid being exposed, to get out of this chronic inflammatory state.

Bike rides are so relaxing


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