I am weary of those who declare they understand all the answers to the creation of the universe and Earth. They claim they know the answers to the questions of life, meaning, death, and the afterlife. Those with all the answer speak with confidence, as if they had no doubts at all. They attempt to impose their nonsense on our education, government and even our definition of “family”.

If I knew all the answers to these questions, if I knew how quantum physics works, if I knew what happens after death, I would not be defensive when challenged. I would say, “Laugh all you want,” or “Your words mean nothing to me, no more than hot air!” or “Chant your prayers all you want, there is nothing listening!”

Their empty words resonate as clanging bells, cacophonous sounds, signifying nothing. ”I feel contempt for the ignorant, archaic, ill-conceived, and illogic that solidifies their brains into childish and dependent thought and actions. 

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It occurs to me that such people are living in "answers" which really aren't.  They're more like lame excuses or made-up explanations, mostly created by people who knew less about the world than a first-grader does now.  These are people who can't deal with the uncertainty of not knowing or who deal poorly with change, because they want everything to stay as it is ... which you and I both know it won't.

I enjoy what answers I have because they are functional to me ... but the questions they raise are WAY more exciting, because learning the answers to THEM means that something happens to me as a result: I GROW ... I discover something I didn't know yesterday ... and ohmygoodness, maybe ANOTHER question will come out of that answer!  EEEEK!  Another question to chase down, investigate, and learn yet something else!

Could it be that it's more fun to live in the questions?

Loren, absolutely it is so much more fun to be chasing down answers to questions that puzzle me. That is why I have to set the timer so I don't stay on the hunt all day long. 

God is a gross answer, an indelicacy against us thinkers—at bottom merely a gross prohibition for us: you shall not think!


Berhold, when someone else quotes Nietzsche to me, he makes sense. when I open a page of his, and read, I get ... nothing. I have to try again because I like what he says. 

I've been saying this for too long ... we have to get less subtle and more descriptive of why god is irrelevant to me. I make christians mad as well as some atheists. 

So what ... I am going to write what I think. I love it when someone can show me where I am wrong. There are a group of very wise people in this group who are insightful, wise, and make very sound arguments. Including you, Bertold. 

As it comes to being descriptive, Joan, how about this:

God is an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that's getting smaller and smaller and smaller as time goes on.
-- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Patricia, excellent point! I yield to your wisdom. 

Clear enough! Whatever the fog or mud or smog, dirty dishwater, or aquifer after fracking ... still questions with answers from the Robber Barrons, meaning nothing. 

Science is questions that may never be answered. Religion is answers that may never be questioned.


Matt Dillahunty has a way with words that clarifies and enlightens. His first 25-minute segment of this debate contains priceless information for atheists and theists.


I've been listening to Matt Dillahunty for a while, now, and I'd like to think I've heard him when he was really on his game ... but those opening 27 minutes were nothing short of BRILLIANT.  How his opponent could rebut any part of his opening statement is honestly beyond me, and judging by the comments on the YouTube posting, Mr. Rodriguez didn't do so hot.

Thank you for posting this, Joan.




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