ruth invited me to talk about my experiences. i live in japan, in kyoto. ive been here for 40 years. right after the tsunami i was literally glued to my TV, where the tsunami was showed to us over and over and over for two weeks. it was all that was on the TV. im in kyoto so im like 500 kms from fukushima, and im not in the general wind direction from there.

i believe there was a concerted effort to lie to us about the reactors.  one commentator mentioned purasumaru (japanese for plutonium enriched depleted uranium or MOX fuel) he was immediately replaced. MOX fuel was being used in reactor no 3. i never heard it mentioned again until july. in july the government admitted that the fuel was MOX, the media picked up on it for a few hours but before that, no newspaper mentioned it, no TV station. and even today theres no mention of it.  the plutonium is still burning spewing radioactivity. we were told they couldn't register plutonium contamination. and it seems everyone is ok with that

2 months ago beef was found with high lvls of radioactive cesium, the beef had been fed contaminated straw.  since then the government has found contaminated veggies in supermarkets as well as contaminated fertilizer being sold.

recently, there has been a push to get people to eat vegies and fruit from fukushima. and it seems the local kyoto government is burning trash from all the broken houses.  we are not told if they are testing the trash

to me, it's obvious the the power companys own all the nuclear scientists, sometimes itsa actually funny how they try to twist things to absolve themselves and the power companys from blame.  all these people swore japanes nuclear power plants were completely safe pre march 11.

even after the quake and tsunami hit and the power to the plants was cut we were told they were safe.


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Thank you for sharing your story.  I'm sorry for what you are living though.  I have a cousin who also lives in Kyoto.  I had wondered what the conditions were like for him, but he's a distant relative (emotionally.  actually we are very closely related) who doesn't speak to the family often.
Thank you for this perspective.
In a crisis such as the nuclear disaster, what has happened to the "honor system" we've always heard Japan lives, and dies, by?  How can these people consider the cover-up of poisoning thousands of the country's own citizens to fit in with the honorable behavior code by which they all supposedly live?
That doesn't seem to be very up to date... I'll post a reply including radiation levels for my prefecture, which is closer to Fukushima than Kyoto.

the problem is the radiation data is primarily published by the government, and no one believes them any more.

re the "honor system", well when i came here in the '60s it was largely fine everyone had a job, everyone was guaranteed employment. but even then. the government and industry was killing people and getting offg scot free.  people in minamata had died and been poisoned by mercury and people in other areas were dying of cadmium poisoning (Itai Itai byo or it hurts it hurts sickness. these kinds of things have increased. and from 1990 no ones job is safe except for the beurocrats. with the collapse of lifelong employment, it seems the honor system is now, you give us your money, any you may have and we spend it.  in fairness the government sort of tries, but it seems to fail miserably.  now i think most people are simply resigned. 


According to Christopher Busby the radiation spewing from Fukushima dwarfs that from Chernobyl. Huge Quantities of Radiation are Still Being Released from Fukushima Thanks to  Scott Bidstrup fro this link. I read elsewhere that the radioactive sulfur resulting from seawater interacting with the damaged reactors collects in testes. If we're getting trace amounts in California, surely there's higher levels in Japan.
yes, wife and i are not fisheaters, but what you say is true. youed think all fish would be tested, but it seems thats not happening. meanwhile most japanese go on eating locally caught fish.  however, right off the coast there is the oyashio, japan's gulf stream, which flows north off japan, then south of the alutians and carrys water direct to the west coast of america. i'm still not going to eat fish, and i dont recommend it to any japanese

You have cause for concern, Carl. Fukushima fish radiation excessive, Greenpeace says

However, it's not likely a secure fish identification system will become established. It's way too easy for fish from the wrong areas to find their way into a monitored supply chain. In Genetic Markers Show Something Fishy With Certified Chilean Sea Bas..., for example, we learn that of "Certified Chilean Sea Bass" sold in the US, 8% aren't even Sea Bass, and 15 to 33% aren't Chilean.

yep yep

In Japan Plans Major Boost of Radiation Monitoring, we learn that

One specialist told lawmakers in July that the amount of radioactive material released from the Fukushima plant is about 30 times greater than the quanity produced by the U.S. atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima during World War II, the Japan Times reported. [emphasis mine]

"It means a signficantly large amount of radioactive material was released compared with the atomic bomb," according to University of Tokyo systems biological and medicine professor Tatsuhiko Kodama (Jun Hongo, Japan Times, Aug. 24).

I find it disturbing verging on the surreal that Japan responds to increased radiation by raising the "government's cap on maximum yearly contact with radioactive contaminants." As the country gets higher and higher doses, more and more hot spots, will they raise the acceptable risk again and again? *shudder* But if it happened here when it happens here, that's exactly what our government would will do too.




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