Here's a cute performance celebrating Halloween in an entirely non-theistic way. I thought you'd enjoy it. Have you any Halloween treats to share?

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Ahhh, from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Fun stuff, with thanks to Danny Elfman's music.

Oh yes - I love Halloween. My favorite holiday.

yes can't wait kids love Halloween and its a nice transition to the holiday season. Plus they have never been taught any religious stories about Halloween. We treat all the holidays like festivus and are tongue in cheek about fantasy aspects. I've already have a harvest wreath up that sings the "Munsters Theme" when the door opens and pumpkin pie candles.

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I love the decorations and its interesting marriage of ancient pagan and Victorian era lore.  As a kid, one of my favorite October pastimes was making Halloween decorations and soaking up everything possible that was Halloween related, from books, TV, movies, magazines, etc.  As an adult, even though I don't believe in ghosts, I can still get chills from a well-told scary ghost story.  I have quite an array of vintage Halloween decorations that I cherish and display.  Halloween really does bring out the kid in me, much more so than that other big holiday.   

The amateur psychologist in me thinks that what makes Halloween such a popular holiday is that it forces many people to think about death.  People don't like to talk about or deal with their own mortality, and this day gives them the opportunity to peer into the abyss and contemplate "the end," but in a controlled setting.  For those persons with deep-seated fears of death, Halloween provides the opportunity to face that fear and, as a coping mechanism, laugh nervously.  

You're not shallow, Mindy.  Perhaps I'm a little too analytical?  lol

I especially like your cat in pumpkin graphic. Yes, I agree that Halloween helps us to face death, the easy way as it were.

I wish I could do that art stuff.  Nice.

OK, Flying Atheist. I call your pumpkin and raise.

I like seeing gorillas etc. in the supermarket around Halloween.  I wish there was more of that all year round :)  People are usually so conformist in their dress.


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