And lots of fun, in my opinion.  I really like the music.

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They should not be tax exempt - none of them.

Tax all those churches.

Stupid ... stupider ... stupidest ... positively, thermonuclearly, apocalyptically ...



LOL Apparently Karl Rove was also in serious denial about the election results, embarrassing himself at FAUX news.

The GOP has just been out on an absurdly indulgent all-night bender ... right up to around 11: 30 EST of November 6th, whereupon they were confronted with the fact that their snake oil didn't sell ... and now they have to deal with the fallout from the foolishness, the misguided ideology, and the mistaken idea that enough money could buy the election.  A hangover, by comparison, would be a simple matter to deal with.

The Republican party has some some serious introspection to do ... and then some damned hard WORK.

I happened to be watching Fox news at that moment because I wanted to see what the hell they were going to say the moment after the election was called.  It was pretty funny.

Just plain scary dr kellie, downright scary.

I chuckled all the way through while watching that video, knowing that all those folks were now wallowing in their worst nightmare, but at the same time I felt creeped out because these Nutjobs are so sincere in their nuttiness that it's downright scary!  And yes, dr kellie, the music adds a mockingly funny quality to the video. 

Good point, Pat.




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