This seemed like an April Fool's prank to me, but it wasn't uploaded April 1st, and David Attenborough's voice narrates. Roy Caldwell's other videos all seem legit. This shrimp is smarter than I am!

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I can't escape the feeling that someone's leg is being pulled here!

It's obviously PLAYING with the cube, but there is no sign of it actually turning the cube or doing anything else that might lead one to believe that it's solving it. The cuts are obvious, and during those cuts, someone has turned the cube further toward the solution, each time. Who says David A. and Roy C. can't play a joke? They're human, too! LOL!

You're right, you never see the shrimp manipulate the cube, just turn it over and over. Cuts could be legitimate, but upon closer observation it's obvious the shrimp wasn't solving it. Thanks for your keener perception than mine.

Years ago, I spent 5 summers working on making a series of Esperanto lesson films. And I learned much about film-making (one of which is that it's a LOT more tedium than glory). And one of the things I learned is that if you make the cuts in the right place, people will fill in the details without ever noticing the cut. Unfortunately, I'm STILL hyper-aware of cuts, and what changes or doesn't change after the cut. So this little film is actually a great job of manipulating people's perceptions, rather than a brilliant shrimp! :-)

Had it been an Octopus it would be more credible.  But, a frigging shrimp ? who is on the same intellectual level as a cockroach




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