What will you be doing? I think I'll be enjoying my day. I also plan to listen to The Thinking Atheist's podcast. Thunderf00t will be on!

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I will be at the Daddy-to-Be shower that I'm giving my son :D

...Really hoping this Rapture business doesn't happen....he'd miss out on a lot of gifts for my grandbaby ;) lol
It's a pretty safe bet that baby will enjoy those gifts, eh?

Even if this ridiculous rapture shit happens, I'll either be moving some oil drilling rig parts -

Or doing some machining -

Working. Not sure if I want to see any disappointed fundies come into the store. ;)



LOVE your username! Hopefully there's surveillance so that if they do anything funny you'll have it film for YouTube.
At 2PM I'll be at a gig of Full Circle, my husband's new oldies band of 7 musicians and a vocalist. He's a guitarist.

I will be working on my creeper-stalking skills by observing people for two hours...  It's for a paper due in sociology, I'm not really creepy. :P


Did anyone else wonder at exactly what time the end of the world!! would happen when you first heard the apocalypse got moved up by seven months?  


"Eh, let's move this in for an earlier date."  

"But what's the timeframe for this appointment?!"


I don't know, that's what came to mind when I heard about this May end-of-days thing.

...off topic slightly...


Tara, what is your paper about?  Is it a basic sociology class?  I'm curious because I love the subject.....I have a Bachelor's degree in sociology :)

Heya Paula, the paper is on observing a repeating set of social interactions at a place that is accessible to the public and where people are drawn in with its own social rules and consistent interactions.


Ironically, one of the suggestions given for observing was a church.  It'd almost be worth the brain twitches to go sit in on the day after the end of everything was to occur.  :P

I'll be camping.  God planned a really terrible day for the rapture for us Canadians.  It's right in the middle of our first warm long weekend of the year.  Very inconsiderate and poor planning.





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