MIT study confirms The Limits to Growth prediction of world economy collapse by 2030

MIT Predicts That World Economy Will Collapse By 2030

The study, initially completed at MIT, relied on several computer models of economic trends and estimated that if things didn’t change much, and humans continued to consume natural resources apace, the world would run out at some point. Oil will peak (some argue it has) before dropping down the other side of the bell curve, yet demand for food and services would only continue to rise.

“There is a very clear warning bell being rung here. We are not on a sustainable trajectory,”...

This sounds scary. Yesterday I read super rosy prediction, just the opposite of this, based on extrapolating current trends in global connectivity (which completely overlooked overpopulation, climate destabilization, and resource depletion). One is tempted to take the easy way out and average the predictions. It's very controversial. What's your take?

Is this sustainable?

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The world has to change its economic policy from one of growth to one of sustainability. Growth requires an ever increasing population among other things. With climate change we won't be able to keep food production at high levels.



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