I'd read that the oceans were warming two to three times faster than the atmosphere, but this chart astonished me. If it doesn't enlarge, here's the close up.


"Global Warming Has Stopped"? How to Fool People Using "Cherry-Pick...

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Still not warm enough to swim at Hook of Holland, but it´s really alarming. Here work is in progress to keep the country safe from the rising sea - I hate to think of how the delta dwellers unable to protect themselves will do.

The only solution that would work is for people to stop being greedy - let's tell that to bankers and entrepreneurs :-s


When people speak of greed, it sounds like a personal failing is at fault. When we talk about banks and corporations, I think about forcing essential institutional reforms. As long as people's incomes depend on destroying the planet, and if one person changed, someone else would step in to take a share of that gravy train, describing the problem as greed misses the point. This is a structural failing, not a lack of individual virtue.

I thought of it as institutional greed, but I´ll leave the exact wording in your hands - English is not my native language.

Thanks - interesting article!



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