Bye-bye Desktop

I don't know about you, but this change scares me. Of course, I just bought a new not-touch-screen monitor two days ago. How do you accurately select text with a fingertip ten times bigger than a period? I have enough trouble selecting just the right characters now.

Microsoft ditches standard Windows look and feel for brand new interface, as launch is confirmed for October

Microsoft joins the touchscreen revolution

Software will appear on PCs in October
Gone is the Start Menu. Gone is the Desktop. Instead, applications, widgets and social network updates appear in the form of a mosaic of tiles.

Everything is touch-friendly, as you swipe across screens to access more tiles and more tiles.

This is the new version of Windows, and it is almost ready for prime-time, with Microsoft preparing Windows 8 for launch in October.

Windows fans may lament their loss, but Microsoft has seen the future, and it is all about touch.

The new Windows will look very different to all previous versions

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KEEP yer touch-screen!  I'll keep my QWERTY keyboard and mouse, thankuverymuch!

Postscript: does anyone know of someone who can type accurately and quickly on a touch-screen?!?  I sure don't!

Exactly! Duh.

I love my iPad!
That's true Jonathan! I love Apple products too!
Well you just made me smile! Thanks I am a huge Apple fan and Apple is very good at making their products accessible.

The first image that came to mind was "CSI Miami". They've had a futuristic version for years. Can't imagine it responds well to things like hand lotion.

From what I've read the Microsoft Surface Tablet due out in Oct in a limited function version and the pro version due next Jan are a far cry from the table sized Surface computers we've seen on CSI Miami and many other shows.

Microsoft Surface RT




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