Has anybody seen "The Ledge" yet? This review makes it sound pretty good.

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no, but i can't wait to!
Yes, my daughter and I got to see it at it's first public showing at the American Atheists Convention in Des Moines in May. We both liked it. Good well developed characters and a not-too-predictable plot. All in all I gave it an A- and Ana (a harsher critic than I) gave it a B+. I'm glad we got to see it there because it will never come here to Jonesboro Arkansas. And we also got to participate in a Q&A with the film maker afterwards!
Looks great! I really like Liv Tyler. Her dad has a really strange body, but he sure can sing and he spawned a lovely, talented daughter. Just for fun, maybe take a look at "Techno Lust" with the absolutely amazing Tilda Swinton (I'm a real whore for anything this woman does - she's fantastic). It's an amazing film about cloning and the ultimate realization of a "soul". Thanks for the heads-up on "The Ledge"!

I want to see it, but am not sure where it will be. As soon as I find it, I probably will.  It looks really good, and I like the people who are in it.


The article says it's available "On Demand." I haven't looked for it yet at TiVo On Demand.

I have looked at the trailers for it.  It looks ok, but you can't always tell from those.  I hope it is good.

It does sound really good. I can't see it ever coming down here to the bible belt, I will most likely have to wait until it's on iTunes, unfortunately.




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