TEK Robotic Mobilization Device looks like the next level of mobility for paraplegics to me.

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Looks sorta like a Segway. Very cool device.

The ReWalk robot system's another alternative, just entering the market at $85,000 a pop.

New Exo-Skeleton Robot Lets Paraplegics Walk Again (look at video at the bottom of this link)

Paralysed Woman Claire Lomas Nears Halfway Point In London Marathon...

So it seems options are opening up for super wealthy paraplegics, not so much for others.

I just saw a great spot on the series "Brave New World with Stephen Hawking" showing the Exo-Skeleton off. They've started to carry the series on the Science Channel lately, I believe it's the same series as the one that aired on Channel 4, so if you missed it, you should be able to find the episodes there.

'Bionic Woman' finishes London Marathon May 8th

Claire Lomas was the last of 36,000 competitors to finish the London Marathon -- 16 days after it ended. And that was an astonishing first.

Paralyzed from the chest down by a 2007 horse-riding accident, the 32-year-old Lomas used computer-assisted robotic legs to walk the 26.2 miles, crossing the finish line today to cheers from hundreds of supporters. [emphasis mine]

I'm behind on this discussion. I just noticed all the bionic woman posts. I'm glad she was able to do the race. I bet it made her very happy.

Claire Lomas also goes down in history. Her finish of a marathon tips us into a new era for assisted mobility.

Early days for mind control of a robotic arm. (see video)

Paralysed patients use thoughts to control robotic arm

Progress is also being made in rehabilitating spinal cord injuries, at least in rats.

Treatment helps paralyzed rats walk

Combination of drugs, electrical stimulation and therapy restores lost connections





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