Ordinarily I toggle between CBS News with Scott Pelley and NBC News with Lester Holt in the early evening, mostly to avoid commercials, but I'm wondering if I should give ABC's news division another chance after this evening's broadcast.  NBC Nightly News' last story amounted to a free advertisement for Ken Ham's Ark Encounter.  I'd post the story here, but it wasn't easily available at the time I wrote this.  If you go to NBC's Nightly News website, it's not hard to find; just scroll down a bit and you'll see it on the right ... today at least.

Anyhow, my displeasure was sufficiently raised at this errant bit of "news" reporting that I decided to aim a broadside at those who had seen fit to put it on the air:

Congratulations.  You just gave Ken Ham a handful of minutes of free advertising for his Ark Encounter without presenting ANYTHING which might contradict his point of view.  You COULD have mentioned that there is no geologic or sedimentary evidence for a worldwide flood as described in Genesis.  A mention of the fact that the ark is larger than the wooden schooner Wyoming, which foundered and sunk with all hands in 1924 might have brought into question the soundness of using wood for a seagoing vehicle of that size.  Also I couldn’t help noticing heavy steel bolts holding some of the ark’s structure together.  Noah (presuming he ever lived at all) had no such implements at hand.  Fluff pieces at the end of news broadcasts are bad enough without this kind of thoughtless pandering.

Thank you for reminding me why CBS is my first choice for news.

Loren C. Miller, Jr.

Anyone else who wishes to register their discontent can do so by emailing NBC News feedback at contact.nbcnews@nbcuni.com.

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Loren, I love it that you don't hesitate to give them hell when it's called for. Since my writing skills are rough I've taken to calling and making complaints ;)
I speak much better than I write.

Kathy, I'm hoping I'm not the only atheist who was incensed at NBC's poor judgment, both in promoting Ham's ham-fisted BS and in not pointing out the problems inherent to it.  If you prefer verbal communication, please go ahead, though I don't know as NBC is geared for that kind of feedback.  You might record yourself, then transcribe it, if that would work.

In any case, thanks for your support.

Kathy, speak it and write it!  A person becomes better at both by practicing. Whatever it takes, let them know how you feel and what you expect from them. Also, tell them what you expect them to do to make up for the bad judgment, i.e. equal time to evolutionists. 

Excellent, Loren. You challenged NBC with the irresponsibility of giving free time to such a charlatan. You offered them alternatives to counter Ken Hamm's claims. 

There are growing numbers of non-believers who will surely object to such unbalanced exposure on a news program. 

Thanks, friend. 


 I guess they need the advertising dollars, or the pandering points for when they havebible shows.

Daniel, yes, like they needed Federal funding to build the mythical arc. 

He he he!

It is a good way to have free money if you can do it!

To NBC News 

There exist many of us who do not like the man, Ken Hamm, and his teaching myths and fairy tales as if they are facts. Ken Hamm explicitly states that the primary purpose of the Ark Encounter is evangelism. Noah’s Ark is propaganda used as a powerful call to the salvation offered by the imaginary Christ Jesus. He uses fear to increase his flock. Giving air time to Hamm’s enterprise without opinions of others or rebuttal to his claims means that NBC either endorses his chicanery or has no concern for alternative views. 

The approximately $90 million life-size Ark project is intended to be a money maker with high entrance fees. 


"the majority of Ark Encounter is being funded by a TIF granted by the City of Williamstown, Kentucky. On November 1, 2012, a Memorandum of Agreement (begins on page 55) approving $62 million in funding for Ark Encounter, LLC was signed by officials of Williamstown and the County of Grant.”

TIF stands for “Tax Increment Financing” and they’re usually issued in urban areas that are considered ‘blighted.’” 

“tax revenue is diverted to pay off the loan."

What Ken Ham Isn’t Telling You About Ark Encounter Funding


Will he repay the public funds he asked for and received? 

Not likely. If his enterprise is a failure, taxpayers pay off the loan. Just imagine, a possible $62,000,000 paid out of public funds! 

Using public money to develop religious propaganda is an outrage!

The very least you can do is give free air time to non-believers.

I have deleted  NBC from my watching list. 

Joan Denoo joan@myior.com 

Good stuff, Joan!  Kick butt and take tickets!

Loren, what surprises me more is that you continue to watch the "evening news" at all. I quit long ago, and my blood pressure has dropped 10 points.

Fact is, Randall, I've been a CBS News partisan for a while, and Scott Pelley does a damned fine job, both behind the desk and in the field.  It's not ideal by any stretch, but it beats the snot out of CNN.




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