Neckbeards? Who knew?

...beards that go all the way down to their adam's apple and back around the neck.

What exactly is a neckbeard?

I stumbled on them in "totally looks like".

I like guy #2 above the best, even though the picture is blurry. That's creative! It's iconoclastic! Which one do you like best?

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I always yell at my fag when he gets too much neckbeard during the winter.  Not a good look for him or anyone.  I appreciate it as a novelty, and support those who love them, but not a look I enjoy.

These pics just gave me a flashback.  Many years ago, I ran into a college acquaintance who, since college, had been transitioning from F to M.  He was taking hormones, and while he looked quite convincing, the only facial hair he had grown was in one patch under his chin.  I found it so odd that I couldn't stop staring.  Fascinating.


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