Having watched a few beauty pageants back in the day (WAY back, actually!), some of the following is a little too close to real for comfort ... but POE is POE, I suppose.

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Thanks for the laugh! I remember studying smells as a young man... Very enriching... I always do well on Jeopardy when the category is "What does this smell like?"

EEEEWWWWWW!  I smelta delta!

Hahaha thanks! ANY woman will tell you that learning your 'vibrations' is much more important than learning your numbers!

Oh, yes, that and astrology ... and tarot!

These are paid actors, of course.  Aren't they?  Golly, Loren, what a terrifying vid.  At least Miss Vermont caught the joke.  Bernie Sanders, our "independent" socialist on the Hill, hails from that progressive state.

No doubt that was a bunch of pretty well conceived acting jobs ... but again, pretty close to the bone, James.  Of course, all you have to do is substitute the word "evolution" for "math" in that script and ... well ... you do the math, so to speak.

Unfortunately the original video of the actual contestants speaking on evolution isn't a bunch of actors.

As commenters on the YouTube page point out, tenacious religious memeplexes have failed our kids by planting the idea that evolution and creationism are equally valid things to "believe in" or not.

If I don't "believe in" the theory of gravity, it's still inadvisable for me to walk out the door of an airplane in flight without a parachute. (Unless I "believe in" ending up in a secret magical paradise after death.... Even then, my loved ones might not agree!)


Good laugh thanks!

It didn't seem as funny until I started watching the 'Miss USA 2011 - 51 Delegates Interview (Q2 - Evolution taught in school)' video. In that context, yeah, hilarious.

Why is it that about 80% of young women today sound like ducks quacking when they speak?  Actresses, my neighbors, even some news-readers.  They all sound like the Kardashian sisters.


This may have been actors but it didn't have to be.




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