My favorite part is, "What engineer would put an entertainment complex in the middle of a sewage system?"

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I saw this one some time back.  Tyson is JUST ... PLAIN ... BRILLIANT.

Yeah I second that!

Tyson's cheery optimism, fun-filled self-confidence (or whatever else you want to call it) certainly helps him sell the everything-from-nothing Big Bang story, for which the only evidence is circumstantial.

Having studied engineering, and having for years worked with engineers, I will view the clip. Maybe his confidence in engineers will persuade me that all of them are as rational as his quip requires.

To Tyson's cheery optimism and fun-filled self-confidence, add flamboyant showmanship.

He's fun to watch, but he wouldn't have convinced Judge Jones in the Dover Pennsylvania case in 2005 that Intelligent Design is religion, and therefore not to be taught in public school science classes.

Something persuaded Ma and Pa Nature to combine an entertainment complex and a sewage system. What was it?

Thanks for this!




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