Read this interesting article on RFID (radio frequency identification) technology!

ScienceDaily (Feb. 20, 2012) — RFID tags are becoming ubiquitous, shops, warehouses, libraries and others use them for stock and inventory control and to reduce the risk of theft. Now, a team in Dubai has developed the concept of an IPURSE, a mobile platform that keeps track of tiny RFID tags you stick to or insert into your personal possessions, mobile phone, camera, laptop, keys other gadgets and even mundane objects such as notebooks and cosmetics.

IPURSE uniquely merges RFID (radio frequency identification) and NFC (near-field communication) technologies together into a single system. It thus gives users a "smart" monitoring system that can remind them of overlooked items as well as providing alerts when a tagged item is removed from their bag. The system can also incorporate additional smart features such as a weather check coupled to the RFID tag on one's umbrella or rain coat or reminders set for different occasions when different items are needed. The team adds that future developments might link the system to online social networks so that friends and contacts might be alerted if one's mobile phone goes missing or a family member notified when door keys are lost, for instance.

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Well, if they've come up with something that makes a loud noise (and keeps on making it) the instant an "unauthorized person" tries to lift your wallet, I might be interested.  I had that happen to me years ago while I was unloading a supermarket shopping cart at the check-out, and it caused me no end of trouble and expense trying to replace my ID cards and everything.

Normally I don't forget things like keys...I usually go the other way and load myself down with too much stuff, "just in case."

BUT....I'm wary of all these iGadgets.  People seem to pay more attention to them than they do to other people.  I don't even have a cell phone, and that's getting dangerous; pay phones have vanished. How do you call the Auto Club if you're away from home and your car won't start?  And I only finally got a digital camera last year...getting 35mm film developed was becoming difficult (and some other sizes of film aren't even available anymore).

When are "they" going to come up with iSpouse....and iKids?

Yeah - technology huh. It seems to do everything for you now. So sorry to hear someone stole your wallet. You really have to watch yourself at the store -- seems like there are people just waiting to steal from you. 

I'm wary, too.  I HATE it when I'm at the gym and the person next to me starts talking and I think they are talking to me until I realize they are on a hands-free phone.  I find it obnoxious.  And it is getting much worse.

If you have car trouble and no cell phone, you can use my phone:)

Oh yeah -- I've had that happen to me to Dr. Kellie. It is very annoying indeed.

When I first saw this article

The team adds that future developments might link the system to online social networks so that friends and contacts might be alerted if one's mobile phone goes missing or a family member notified when door keys are lost, for instance.

conjured up fantasies of 331 Atheist Nexus friends in places like Kenya, Australia, and Brazil being notified if I left my house keys at the grocery store. Isn't that just a little too connected? I can see The Onion news now, divorced guy on a date gets messged that his ex's IPURSE lost her lipstick.

Isn't that just a little too connected?

LOL! You are so right!  In the mid 1980s, when the cell phone market was just beginning to boom, I worked for an electronics store, and was appalled at the idea that people (or telemarketers) could each me anywhere anytime.  I still have never owned one of the evil little things.

Yeah I know what you mean - everyone needs to know when you are losing your keys!

I still cuss Alexander Graham Bell when our land-line phone rings at an inconvenient time.

One advantage to a land-line is that when the power goes out, after an earthquake, f'r instance, the phone still works.  Even the cordless one does not...because the "cradle" has to be plugged into a power outlet.  I don't know if cell phones work if there's no power wherever the antennae are....and I don't much like the idea of my conversations floating around where they can be picked up by eavesdroppers. 

Not that I have anything to hide, but I don't like the idea....

Yeah -- they have wireless security for those. I don't even own a land-line phone any more. I just use cell phones now.

I have an old rotary phone in one of my bedrooms.  It has the nicest ring, and it is a champ when the power goes out.

Would'nt that be funny to get a message that someone in England lost their keys?

Can you imagine the chaos if you're in a huge crowd, and half the people around you get the same message?



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