Apparently there is a new hashtag out there: #NeverBiden.  Now, I'm not much of a hashtag follower, but it would seem as though America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers IS ... and she's not at all happy with the point of view represented by the above-named hashtag.  To her, it means more of the same, not just in the White House but even more importantly, in the Supreme Court, which has been leaning to the right ever since Tricky Dick was in the front office.

So Betty has a message for anyone who thinks that the choice between Biden and Trump is no choice at all, and I'd suggest you give a listen.

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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Oh! dear, what is a born-again progressive to do, vote for Biden, don't vote, vote for a write-in POTUS? 

Joan, you know the answer to that one as surely as I do, and Betty elucidated as much in the video.  Biden may have his faults, but he is light-years ahead of Trump and his utter disregard for law, order, or the Constitution.  I think we need to get real about the fact that the Overton Window was shoved pretty badly to the right with Trump's election, and moving it back to the left, especially with the "basket of deplorables" now out and active, will be a far more difficult process to accomplish.  Write-in votes in this environment are a waste of votes, and you should know that as well.  Biden is the only sane choice.

Those who want to assert that Biden is no better fail to look at the overall situation either honestly or objectively.  What worries me is that their inaction could give Donnie Dumb-ass four more years, and I can't see that this country can afford that in the slightest.


We dare not allow #45 #3 and the far-right Federalist Society and their conservative Christian cronies to set back the Supreme Court for possibly an entire century.

And given the very real differences between our major parties, even a corporatist DINO is far better than a "reasonable" Republican, never mind the orange menace mercurial toddler kleptocrat Liar-in-Chief.

Yes, our voting system is broken, not allowing us to support and oppose multiple candidates on the ballot. It's "pick just one name and shut up about all the others." (On a smaller scale, my neighbors and I were victims of this when three progressive candidates and one NOT progressive candidate ran in the primary for our city council seat. The progressives split the vote, and lost, even though more voters voted against the winner than voted for him.)

Better: range voting, a.k.a. score voting. Every voter gets to give each candidate a rating, say 0-100 or 0-9. Highest average wins. Unlike ranked choice systems such as Instant Runoff Voting, you actually get to indicate whether your second choice is almost as good as your first choice, or almost as bad as your last choice.

If my state's primary had been held earlier in the year under that system, I would have given high scores to Bernie Sanders AND Elizabeth Warren AND possibly a few others.

But in the general election, anything other than a vote for the Democratic nominee is a vote for four more years of trumPutinocchio Cheetolini Caligulamygdala making America gruesome again, reaching unimaginable lower lows every day. WE MUST DO BETTER!

I know! I know!  As much as I dislike Biden as my choice for POTOS, Trump proves himself to be unqualified and not emotionally or intellectually up to the tasks required for that responsibility. Furthermore, he appeals to the most base of our citizenry. 

I will pull the lever for Biden, not because I want him for president, but because I want to participate in getting Trump out of the office and with a landslide. 

Agreed! We squandered a real opportunity by not having the possibility of a true progressive reformer in office. But Trump, Pence, & co. have got to go.

(If Bernie is still on the ballot by the time our primary rolls around, I'll vote for him, to give his voice a little more weight in the discussion on Democratic positions and policy. But in the general election, it's vote blue no matter who!)

For as long as we who vote want democracy more than we want the other forms humankind have tried, including our present-day plutocratic oligarchy, we shall overcome.

Borrowing from the lyrics, and the AHA's idea for editing the national motto on cash:

"Good is on our side,
 Good is on our side,
 Good is on our side today.
 Deep in my heart
 I do believe
 Good is on our side today."

Good is indeed on our side today and tomorrow and for a while to come ... because "good" has NOTHING to do with Trump.

There is good in this life and there are good politicians. I just hope I live long enough to see one as President. 




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