The US is finally catching up with other countries with graphic health warnings on cigarette packages. I think they'll communicate the danger much better than text.

See the warnings slideshow

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My favourite UK warning is "Smoking can cause erectile disfunction"
That was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  Of course, my grandpa and 3 of my uncles dying from lung cancer was good enough by itself.  Actually, the VA's  dental clinic posters against chewing tobacco were a whole lot worse.  If I was ever tempted to chew tobacco (which I wasn't) those posters would have been the cure.


If the pictures do nothing other than preventing new upstarts of tobacco users, it will be successful and worthwhile. I imagine those who already do smoke will just use alternate containers or drop them into sleeves to avoid seeing the messages.

I don't think stuff like that has any effect.  People who don't smoke are the only ones who pay attention.  Smokers are going to smoke.  Period.  To me, it is much like when you are in a theater and they tell you to turn off your cell phones.  There are two types of people; those who turn off their cell phones, and those who do not, and the notice does not make a difference.


I almost always forget, until I'm reminded, then I turn it off. So for me it makes a difference. I'm a cell phone luddite.

Mine went off during a graduation a couple weeks ago! I hardly ever bring it with me to places, and I hardly ever get calls anyway. But, during graduation I just had to get a wrong number!


That happened to me when I was at the cemetery with my boyfriend and his family for the internment service for his father's cremains.  In the middle of the service, my cell phone started ringing.  I was so embarrassed and later apologized.  Afterward, the girlfriend of someone there said "WOW, HOW EMBARRASSING!!!"  Thanks, needed to be reminded that everyone heard it.....


Like you, AKron, I rarely get calls, so perfect timing.  It had to be a sales call - out of state area code and they didn't leave a message.

I don't think stuff like that has any effect.  People who don't smoke are the only ones who pay attention. 

Do you mean?

People might ignore the inner warning sticker... maybe that one needs a sticker as well....

I think it's so over the top that it's ridiculous, and will have the opposite effect. Why doesn't the government put pictures of mutilated crash victims on beer bottles? Maybe Gabrielle Giffords could be the poster girl for the packaging hand guns come in? Should the government start showing the inside of a clogged artery on french fry boxes? Is this the role our government should be playing? Personally, I don't think so.
I agree.  I never cared for the written warnings, either.  And I don't smoke and never have.
Very good, AKron.


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