If you enjoy arts and crafts or home repair, have you noticed a resurgence of interest in these things?  I have always enjoyed crafting, but started sewing about 8 years ago. Slowly, I saw Walmart stop selling fabric as the craft stores carried more and more religious stuff unrelated to arts and craft supplies.  It seemed there was a xtain right take over of my favorite stores.  But in the last few years, since the recession started, the religious stuff has slowly started filtering out and fabric is returning to several Walmarts.  I was in JoAnn's Fabrics on a weekday at 10 am and it was packed.  It took 30 minutes just to get my fabric cut and they had an organized system.  And I saw nothing religious there.  Yay!  With the glaring exception of Hobby Lobby, every other craft store seems to be moving beyond the religious crap.  ((Locally, Hobby Lobby was a lot less busy than Michaels and JoAnn's, too.)  Obviously, the demand for that is way down.


The local Home Depo also seems to be packed even near closing.  Of course, Jesus and power tools never went together. 

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I love my Huskaverna.  I put it through the paces, too.  It's a tough little machine.  I love making Halloween costumes.  They look so much nicer.  The stores aren't selling new stuff.  If you want something different, you have to make it yourself.

When I was younger, and working, I used to make bead necklaces and stuff. But I seldom bother to wear jewelry now that I'm retired, so that stuff is collecting dust. Once I spent a month glueing rhinestones all over a floral/paisley blouse. When I finally wore it, the warmth from my skin softened the glue and the damned things stuck to me through the fabric. So much for that hobby. I used to sew, but mostly alter, because I'm short and fat, and nothing fits right from the store. The last thing I made from scratch was a millenium celebration skirt for a 2000 New Year's party, and of course I got sick that night. My sewing skill has always been D to D-. I'll alter a night gown, only to discover one seam inside out. Good luck to all of you craft mavens.


to discover one seam inside out.
Being creative means to risk occassional blunders.   You are not the only person, to whom such things have happened.  

My friend Michelle used to console me when I was learning how to sew with a little joke:

What is the frog stitch?

Rip it!


I spent a good deal of time doing the frog stitch yesterday.  In fact, I bought better stitch ripper so I could do the frog stitch a little easier.  Nobody likes doing the frog, but everybody does it.

I have stopped counting the numbers of seam rippers, that I have already broken the tip off....
I haven't broken the tip off one, but I have had the metal part separate from the handle part more than once.
They produce things with a weakness, so they do not last too long but people have to replace them and the company makes more profit.   Maybe in the USA the built-in weakness is the handle, while in Germany, it is the tip.

Hey Ruth!

I also do beading (when I have time that is)!  I haven't made a necklace in a while. I've been overextended on my schedule of late. However, when I get time again - I hope to make some more bead necklaces.  I made my mom a Halloween necklace last year. 

I am not good on sewing either.  I can just fix clothes or simple hems.  I have a sewing machine -- but I never get to use it or practice. 

The craft stores where I live still have the religious stuff all over the place.

That LOLcat is how I look when I attempt to sew anything! : )
Your talking about knitting reminds me of a gift from my grandmother:  It was a huge ball of wool, that she had coiled around little toys and sweets, that came out as a reward for knitting.   It was one of the cutest gifts I got as a child.

I am a very strong feminist and love crafts.  Since retiring from being a chemist, I've had time to try out lots of stuff.  I do my own carpentry, remodeling and landscaping.  I also garden, sew, knit crochet, bead, cross stitch, and quilt.  I've been interested in miniatures for some time. My aunt just gave me the public library from her doll house collection.  It is in need of a lot of repair, so this will be my start with miniatures.

I believe that crafts traditionally done by women have not received the respect they deserve.  These crafts are more than just practical.  They are truly art.  I was just at the National Quilt Museum  in Paducha, Kentucky.  The quilts displayed there were worthy of display in any art museum.  The same can be said of most other crafts.  Recently more attention is being paid to fiber or textile art.  There is a lot of talent among crafters of all sexes and it is recognized more every day.  I like the idea of making practical things beautiful works of art.  It brings art into every day life.

I've always liked working with my hands and usually have a few different projects going.  Now that winter is coming and I can't garden, I'll be getting back to crafts.  I have a quilt top to finish and quilt.  I would also like to get a serger to expand on my sewing.  Having a serger to work on knits with will be great.  There are so many models, I'm having trouble choosing one.  Any suggestions?


PS  I also enjoy cooking.  It's like chemistry except you get to eat the product!

Hey, you don't have photos of any of these interesting-sounding projects on your profile. Perhaps you could share one or two of them here.

hint hint




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