I'm just hanging with friends here, and letting you all know I just got done with video #3 for the Janesville Farmers Market. Unfortunately, with all the time I spend twiddling around with these videos, I have no time for church. I shoot on Saturday, and edit on Sunday. All day. And Monday, and... Well, you get the picture.

Oh wait, you don't have the picture yet!



Janesville Farmers Market June 18th, 2011



Click away and make me a YouTube superstar!

Actually, it's on the channel for our local cable access channel.

Hopefully I'll see some progress in my abilities soon.



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when i saw New JFM i immediately thought jesus for me! lol watched the video - everything looked so good!

Hey Hey new video! Learn all about bubble tea, and stir frying arugula (aruuuuuugulahhhh)!

Each minute of video is only taking me 1 hour to edit!




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