In case you hadn't noticed, we have a mid-term election coming up in three days, and it's more than a little important.  With it we can take back at least one if not both houses of Congress from the Republicans and send a message to Donald Trump that neither he nor his policies are getting any more rhythm from the American public.  Or we can stay home and let Donnie Dumb-ass have his way and watch as our democracy goes down the toilet and America becomes a third-world banana republic.

There is likely no one in the television media more on fire about this whole matter than Bill Maher.  He has been sounding the warning klaxon about Trump since long before Dolt 45 took office, and right now, as regards the whole matter of the aforementioned election, he is very concerned a specific block of potential voters: Millennials.  Why?  Because they could turn this election in a big way for those of us who are deeply concerned about the future of the United States ... IF THEY VOTE.  The problem of course is that millennials have a history of not voting, and that could spell disaster for this nation and everyone in it.

So Mr. Maher has a message for millennials ... and for the rest of us.  I think we'd do well to listen.  Bill, that's your cue.

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As a Canadian, I beg all eligible US voters.....PLEASE GET OUT THERE & JUST DO IT!

In my case, Patricia ... DEPEND ON IT!!! Bet the farm!

Many Canadians wish we could!

This US voter is helping get other voters out there, with some phonebanking from home last week, and this weekend into the election, face-to-face canvassing in nearby swing districts.

Two starting points for finding opportunities to help:

Swing Left:
"Don't despair. Mobilize. Control of the House in 2018 will be decided by a small number of Swing Districts, places where the last election was determined by a thin margin. We can stop Trump and the GOP agenda by working together NOW.
Take action in a nearby Swing District"

Mobilize America
"MobilizeAmerica helps motivated citizens, progressive organizations and campaigns to organize and win.
Where do you want to volunteer?"

I'm thrilled and encouraged to hear it, GC.  ROCK ON!


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