I just got the following notice from Ning yesterday, (31 October, 2016), in the wake of this latest website outage:

As some of you may be aware, we experienced a system outage earlier this morning. The cause was due to a specific network configuration change that was made during our network maintenance window.  Once we identified the issue, we quickly took corrective actions to restore service.

As a result of this outage, coupled with the sporadic system 500 errors we've experienced over the last month, we are taking the following actions:

  • We have kicked off a new Ning Environment System Upgrade Project.
  • Ning Interactive will invest in network hardware, servers, system/network redundancy and redesign the overall system architecture to stabilize the Ning application environment.
  • Once these upgrades are in place, we expect to have 100% system uptime coupled with improved overall system and network performance.  
  • Our timeline to complete this project is December 31, 2016.


Call me crazy, but I’m going to at least try to take them at their word here.  I realize that these outages make us all crazy and perhaps some more than others.  The fact remains that migrating as much of Atheist Nexus as is practical will also involve losing a LOT of what we’ve put into it to this date, and that should really be a last resort.

That said, I would like to propose the following: let’s give Ning to the end of the year to complete their renovation of their website and see if that cleans up the repeated problems we’ve been experiencing.  If by that time the problems are largely if not completely solved, then we have ourselves a fait accompli.  If not, then it’s time to start talking VERY seriously about getting completely away from Ning and onto a more reliable foundation.

The purpose of this entry is to provide a platform for discussion.  So … let’s discuss!

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In the "Send Us Your Feedback" page, "Network URL" won't accept atheistnexus.com; use "atheistnexus.ning.com" instead. (It's an actual alias, which if you point your web browser there redirects to atheistnexus.org.)

Thanks, Grinning Cat. I will use your suggestion, atheistnexus.ning.com, and hope it gives some stability and reliability.  

That's just for sending feedback to Ning, so they'll recognize the site as connected to their software.

If you type atheistnexus.ning.com into your web browser, it'll end up at atheistnexus.org. It won't make a difference as far as what's working.

Guys (and gals), right now (11:18 EDT, 11/2/2016), I am having no problems at all posting what I want to post ... which suggests that whatever difficulties you're having are either local hardware-based or relating to your ISP.  Maybe you can help that; maybe you can't, but the fact is that A|N is working, at least at the moment.

My concern is this: what happens downstream from here, regarding FUTURE failures as Ning tries to normalize the environment they have created for Atheist Nexus and whether it works.  THAT is where we need to put our focus.  Purge your cache, reboot if necessary, and be aware of how YOUR particular computer interacts with Atheist Nexus, never mind the rest of the internet.  Am I asking a lot?  Oh, hell, yeah ... but if you want to be part of the solution, you may need to be better at this than you've been to date.

It's a  bum deal ... but it's what we've got.

Oh! good! and if it isn't, I will just have a good old fashioned task with my ISP! My son-in-law. 

*Purge our cache,

*reboot if necessary, 

*be aware of how OUR particular computer interacts with Atheist Nexus,

*never mind the rest of the internet. 

I can do all those things. I really like your style; give us information that we need and we can fly!

I don't intend this as ridicule, I mean it honestly, sincerely, gratefully!

"We're sorry, we're having an issue with this page." That was the quote I just received after hitting the comment word. (run-on sentence and all!) I'm sure this won't show, either.

I see it, Randy!. I am going to attempt Grinning Cat's idea. Oh dear, I forgot what it was. I will find it on the previous page. I will send this just to test 

Is anyone here experiencing problems with notifications from A|N?

I'm not getting notified when someone posts in a group I belong to or in a discussion I participate.

I checked my overall email settings here on A|N and all are the same as they've been for years.

From what I can surmise, this problem started around Saturday, 5 November.

I'm seeing the same thing, Carl, and I reported it.  I'd suggest you do the same.

I just got a notification for this post of yours, Carl, and I'd bet that I'll be getting a bunch more in a bit.  Offhand, I'd guess that they fixed it, but we'll see.

Yup, as Daniel stated below, a big email dump came through during the night with all my overdue notifications. Crossing my fingers, wishing upon a star, and praying this problem is fixed. Oh, and also hoping that the IT department is doing their job.

Here's someone's list of the "25 best" social networking site platforms.

Just sayin'.  :-)




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