I just got the following notice from Ning yesterday, (31 October, 2016), in the wake of this latest website outage:

As some of you may be aware, we experienced a system outage earlier this morning. The cause was due to a specific network configuration change that was made during our network maintenance window.  Once we identified the issue, we quickly took corrective actions to restore service.

As a result of this outage, coupled with the sporadic system 500 errors we've experienced over the last month, we are taking the following actions:

  • We have kicked off a new Ning Environment System Upgrade Project.
  • Ning Interactive will invest in network hardware, servers, system/network redundancy and redesign the overall system architecture to stabilize the Ning application environment.
  • Once these upgrades are in place, we expect to have 100% system uptime coupled with improved overall system and network performance.  
  • Our timeline to complete this project is December 31, 2016.


Call me crazy, but I’m going to at least try to take them at their word here.  I realize that these outages make us all crazy and perhaps some more than others.  The fact remains that migrating as much of Atheist Nexus as is practical will also involve losing a LOT of what we’ve put into it to this date, and that should really be a last resort.

That said, I would like to propose the following: let’s give Ning to the end of the year to complete their renovation of their website and see if that cleans up the repeated problems we’ve been experiencing.  If by that time the problems are largely if not completely solved, then we have ourselves a fait accompli.  If not, then it’s time to start talking VERY seriously about getting completely away from Ning and onto a more reliable foundation.

The purpose of this entry is to provide a platform for discussion.  So … let’s discuss!

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Can't help but notice that Ning was listed number 3 on that, though I don't know if those platforms were listed by popularity or what.  In any case, I'd be curious to know if anyone's getting notifications for activity on subscribed posts.  If that goes on much longer, I will contact Ning directly.

It's a little dated.  I don't think reliability was a factor in the listing.  Mostly how big the platforms are.  My main reason for the link was to show there are choices.

I wasn't getting notifications but last night there was a big email dump with a dozen or so.

This morning I received several email notifications of posts that are up to 3 days old.

That's not unusual, Spud.  I've seen these kinds of hang-ups before, and once cleared, the delayed mail comes in, sometimes sporadically, sometimes all at once.

Same thing for me. Received just a few today that are days old. At least the site is up and running and any problems are minimal at this point.

About migrating.

To what?

I visit two sites that appear to use Ning: Nexus and Think Atheist.

I tried Reddit a few times and stopped. Instead of people having conversations, it looks more like people throwing sentences or paragraphs onto a wall and leaving.

Tom, by "migrating," I am NOT suggesting that we move to an existing site at all.  What I am proposing is to take Atheist Nexus' content – its membership, blogs, discussions and pictures – and move THEM (and us!) to a different "platform" or "engine."  A|N currently operates under the Ning engine and is based on its usages and formats.  We would take A|N's considerable database and install it on a different foundation.  The obvious problem involved in doing so is the considerable likelihood of losing something in that transition, which is why I'm hesitant to implement it while Ning is still patching its engine.

In case you're curious, Daniel posted a link to a site listing the 25 best social networking platforms as a part of this discussion.  You might have a look at your leisure.


This kind of migration is NOT something we can choose to do ourselves, but something which A|N's founder, Brother Richard, has to arrange and approve.  As regards that, I would hope that he would involve us in some "advise and consent" activity before we undertook such a radical action.

Personally, I'm STILL hoping such a decision won't be necessary, that Ning will have its act sufficiently together to obviate the need for it.  I am not and will not assume that Ning's curative actions will solve everything.

That's why this discussion exists.

Too many unknowns; I'm for making my vote for or against on Dec. 31. 2016. 

I enjoy my daily contact with A/N; so, what is, is. No big deal as long as I know we move toward more stable and reliable functioning.


Believe me Joan, I get it. At the same time, I don't want to leave all the contributions I've made over the last seven years to an internet boneyard. I'm proud of what I've written here, and I don't want to lose it to an imperfect migration. Call me an egotist, but I am fighting for my contributions here as much as I am fighting for Atheist Nexus itself.

Don't think for one instant that I quit easy, because I don't.

Loren, I feel the same way about the things I wrote here that I wrote no where else. You are no egotist! nor am I! We have points of view that need to be published and I know of no other place I trust as much as A/N. 

You clearly put in a Herculean effort to preserve the history of this group and all atheists who struggle to understand what it means to not believe in superstitions, and live among people who do. 

I'm with you, Loren, wherever this journey takes us. I like your style. 




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