Sassy tallking vagina...  I guess this is a sign of progress.  I remember once asking my mom what a tampon was and she was horrified.  I wonder what she would do if she saw this ad?  The add does stereotype.  Although in our world there may be far worse issues to deal with than "Lady Wowsa".


Im just glad they aren't making butt wipes.  Which really, there might be a market for that.  Toilet paper can be abrasive.  But imagine that ad.  Not.


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I can picture the talking hand for those!

I think there is an untapped market for man-part wipes too.  Maybe I'll invent one and get rich.

A commercial directed squarely at stupid people.
Well, there it is....a talking vag in a commercial no less.  I'm glad that they don't have to be quiet and ashamed  I remember when you couldn't even say the word vagina without someone getting upset.  I could have done without the ethnic spin....I mean really!  I didn't like that part...Not sure what the point was there....last time I checked, women of all ethnic backgrounds have em.
You know, there are multiples of these, and the others aren't ethnic.  They are targeting multiple audiences, why should they all be exactly alike?  I see no problem with this.
I think it's dumb but it's marketing. You can't expect too much from marketing or commercials. Their job is to make something into a problem so they can sell a product that "solves" it. In this case, vagina smelling like vagina.

Pretty much.  At least it was funny though.  And their thing is shining light on a basic public health problem. 

But, yeah, I have no respect for marketing.  That is one of the major reasons I stopped watching television and paying for cable back in 2007.  I haven't missed it. 

Yeah, I don't understand why people pay money to watch commercials.  I guess they just want shows RIGHT NOW instead of in a few months or a year.  Personally, Netflix has more things for me to watch than I'll ever have time for.
Glad my cats are the main home entertainment systems......
Glad my cats are the main home entertainment systems......




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