My Mormon sister posted this:

Edna Carroll

October 30.

Ya know, with Sandy hitting the east coast, there will be many atheist going to the churches to get help....they will not be turned away.......these are the same people that want to take God out of everything..........imagine that.......they find him offensive!

So I sent this back to her, the on going diatribe of theist/atheist, family style.

 Most atheists I know agree they are atheists primarily due to the lack of evidence to support the existence of any type of supreme deity. It is completely insufficient. In this I concur. And yet each member of a religious tradition hold that their particular god is the one. That the evidence they have proves their god exists. I thought that it was faith that one had to have. Claiming evidence is undermining to faith. If you have evidence, you don't need faith. If you have faith, evidence is irrelevant. The only evidence you have is, for lack of something better, a god-belief, a clinging to an ancient document which you say you follow, but I would bet if you brought a religious person from say, 2000 yrs. ago to today, he wouldn't recognize your form of worship, probably call you a blasphemer, or worse, and condemn you to hell. In the over 3000+ active religions in the world today, you reject them all except the one you choose to cling to. In case you don't know it, that makes you an atheist in the classical definition of the word  ‘atheist’. The only difference is, I have one less god than you...... As to god being offensive, it is religion that is offensive. If any institution is more divisive to humanity at large than helpful, it is offensive. And no other form of social engineering on the planet has been more divisive, misogynistic, harmful than religion in the affairs of humanity. It needs to go. Individually, people can be good with religion, they can cope, they are able to overcome the bullshit expoused by the religious wingnuts. That is why most people say they believe in god , yet most don't go to church, follow closely any tenant, pay lip service as needed, and live their life without any strong belief and as they see fit . In other words, they cherry-pick, using the parts they agree with, and willfully ignoring the parts they don't. I think this address your atheism statement.... As to receiving help, it should always be given from one human to another, regardless of belief. After all, it is the moral thing to do. And most humans have an innate moral compass to guide them. What most religious writings have done (when they have done it) is write down and codify what people were already doing. Hope this gives you something to think about when you spout off assinine things in the future.

No response yet, but there’s always tomorrow to look forward to.

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"Faith is believing in something you know ain't true" Mark Twain

Sir, you do a disservice to believers who believe they have ample evidence of the existence of their deities.  Why, the Holy Books themselves provide it!  Doesn't the O.T. proclaim, "I am the Lord thy God...."?

"Faith is what you have in things that don't exist!  Your awesomeness is REAL!" Homer Simpson.

If he can get it, why can't the followers of the Church of Moron?




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