Proselytizing in the military is a dirty little secret most radical christians would rather didn't get out.  Well, never let it be said that America's Best Christian, Betty Bowers, was ever a wallflower where a pit bull was needed!  In the following video, she fulminates against the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (albeit in typical left-handed fashion!), because they have the unmitigated nerve to point out and counter the efforts of the bible-thumpers to convert our troops to christian fascisti.

Oh, and Trigger Warning for those who have just had breakfast: the video finishes with that Dominionist Top 40s hit, "Onward Christian Soldiers" ... along with a link to support the MRFF!  That Betty!  What a kidder!

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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There are so many ways to go with this including much with the MRFF, rapes, religious ostracize (ation)

Weapons inscribed with biblical verses.

I heard  'The Donald' said Obama is the 'Founder of ISIS."

Now the U.S. is bombing Lybia.

W kicked all of the Bathists out of Iraq. Hillary promoted overthrowing Kadafi which allowed free reign to Lybian weapons depots.

The more meddeling the U.S. and NATO becomes the worse it gets.

Why the hell start a coup in Ukrane while there is already destabilization in other parts of the world.

Welcome to the begining of WW III.




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