Everybody makes mistakes. Real friends can laugh together about their goofs, secure that they won't be put down as an incompetent person. I bake my own bread, because low carb bread isn't readily available.

I also enjoy making animated gifs to welcome new members to Atheist Nexus. Some of my attempts have been ... well...

This was supposed to be a waving flag effect.





Here I couldn't control the gradient. Oh well.

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(Alice, those almond cakes sound delicious! I'll have to try making some sometime.)


I especially enjoy playing music in contexts such as jazz, folk, and various styles for contra dancing, where there are many right answers, where there's no one set of notes one must follow exactly.

I treasure the button a friend gave me:

I didn't goof -- I was improvising

Another friend, a wonderful flutist who's lived with several cats, coined the term "feline maneuver" for a mistake recovered from with grace and panache, one which ends up seeming like an intentional variation -- as in a cat jumping and missing, then calmly walking off to do something else, perhaps looking at you as if to say, "What are you looking at? I meant to do that."


Love, Love, LOVE the button!!!!  :-) I play Renaissance music on the viola da gamba, an authentic instrument, and ornaments or diminutions were the name of the game. So what if I mess up rather a lot -- it's such sweet victory when I succeed! :-)

When we used to play at my house, I had a cat that would come cuddle up on an empty chair while we played -- that was HIS definition of a feline maneuver, but I like yours too! :-)

I'm having trouble simulating glitter. I make something that looks perfect in Image Ready's preview, and after I place it on a "victim's" comment wall it looks as if it would give you a stoke. But then it's too late. I could use a second opinion on the timing. Don't know how many gifs I can stuff in one reply before ning chokes, but here goes.

Sample 0.01


Sample 0.03

Sample 0.05





Sample 0.1

Sample 0.2

Sample 0.5

Which timing do you recommend? I don't know why the 0.01 looks slower than the 0.03. Maybe I exceeded some minimum timing.

I like number 1.  The rest look like the are on steroids or sedatives.

I like 0.01 and 0.2


0.01 is definitely slower than 0.03.

I tried to make mead. That resulted in opening some bottles that exploded all over the place, but I think now I know where I went wrong...maybe I'll try it again!
That Reminds me of why I don't use my pressure cooker. They've gone out of style, likely from bad user experiences.

I had a pressure cooker, but didn't use it often.  In spite of the convenience of rapid cooking, it was not easy to use.  I never had very good luck with them :/


A couple of decades ago I made a hole in our kitchen table sharing the fun of burning magnesium ribbon. Loved that table.
A burn or too gives furniture character, like wrinkles on a face.
My great prediction: CDs will be a flop. Heard all the hyperbole about casette tapes in the 70s and they didn't replace vinyl. Ergo, CDs won't either. Felt slightly vindicated when I heard that NASA lost a lot of data that it had stored on CDs due to oxidization of the playing surface and now uses microfilm as a long-lasting back-up.



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