Today, against the better judgment of just about EVERYONE with a brain and hard data supporting them, Georgia is going to open back up for business, including hair salons, bowling alleys, and ... GYMS???  Perhaps the biggest Petri Dish of them all?  Apparently Governor Kemp thinks that masks and shields will get the job done, so dern the torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian (and apparently, America's SMARTEST Christian) begs to differ.  Certainly, it's bad enough when our president (such as he is) suggests injecting bleach as an anti-agent to Coronavirus, but when you have a governor who has repeatedly demonstrated his cluelessness in the face of a lethal pandemic, SOMEONE has to speak up ... so dear Betty did.

And I'll leave you in her capable hands.

Have You Had YOUR Betty Today?

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Canada will eventually, & slowly, open things according to the science....what a concept!

Not to mention that best xian is a Canadian....just sayin'......




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