This one seems a bit creepy, like the middle one shouldn't be able to change rotation like that. 


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I actually saw very horrifying faces, straight from a horror movie. Pointy ears, half human half pig faces, big bulging angry eyes etc...

Strange how the brain that can't grasp something, will automatically turn it into something evil and threatening...

explains a lot of things :p.

Wow! Scary.
I don't get it. All I saw were faces flashing, whether I looked at the central point or at the faces. What was I SUPPOSED to see?

They didn't look evil or ugly or alien to me; just grotesquely disproportionate. And when I looked at the face straight on, I pretty much got the same effect, because of the differences in head and hair size, face size, nose size, etc.

Whoa! Scary! At first I thought I was seeing faces similar to the effect you get when half of a face is mirrored.

I went through this frame by frame. They're all just normal, though the couple who look silently angry had an outsized impact for me in the rapid sequence.

This is called the Motion Aftereffect. 

Surprisingly Potent Illusion


This is an interesting illusion - the green and blue colors are actually the same.

That's amazing. They apparently aren't even close in hue!

they look nothing alike. wierd.  the mind plays tricks.


I love the spinning lady. If I blink a lot she switches directions.


Interesting to me is that if I look at the outside edges of the blue spirals, they DO look green to me, although not the same shade as the green ones, but as I follow the spiral into the center, the green turns to blue. I wonder if the image were spiraled out far enough, whether the edges would then look like the same color, which leads me to wonder whether it is the proximity of the color changes that turns it into an illusion!

The same COLOR?? No way! OOoooo I see how they did that. Sneaky.

Wow, those spirals are amazing. I had to zoom up really really close to be certain that the green and blue were really the same color.. my head hurts now.


My favorite illusion remains this very simple one, I imagine most of you already saw it:


tile A and tile B are exactly the same color.




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