A revelation from the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or just an atheist playing around in Photoshop?

Let's share our handiwork, songs, poems, art, music, videos, and original thingamajigs!

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More playing in Photoshop, this time inspired by a bank's ad campaign, "Everything is personal".


Cats should get equal time!

haha I love this.  Who's finger print?

Thanks! No idea whose fingerprint; just one I found in Google image search.

I'm sure this could be done in The GIMP or some such program as well as Photoshop.

I used the "Minimum" filter to thicken ridges and "Maximum" to thin them. I didn't select the bits manually, though! To make the selection, I copied a high-contrast cat picture and, in the fingerprint image, pasted it into Quick Mask (where white becomes 100% selected, black 0%, and grays in-between).

here's something i created for a t-shirt design...


I jump on any chance to get a plug in. This is my stuff. Never had a reaction to the novella yet. Perhaps it's lousy? Too long? Boring? Some people like some of the poems.



I just want to reassure all of you that there are no harmful side effects of reading Ian Mason's poem "The Taste of Paint."

Is it that mind-blowing? LOL
You should get that looked at.
Thanks very much. Nice to get some feedback.
good idea - I might do some writing at some point before I die... :)

I've always wanted to be a writer, but never seemed to have the time to follow through with it.  I cannot draw, and I don't have a very good singing voice.  My kids used to beg me not to sing to them when they were little. 

I like to talk, a lot, and (so I have been told)much too loudly.  My mother told me when I was little, she thought I was never going to learn to talk.  They wished I would learn how to.  Then, when I did learn how, she wished I would learn to be quiet once in a while. 

If I ever get artistic, and have something good, I won't hesitate to put it up where people can find it.





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