A revelation from the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Or just an atheist playing around in Photoshop?

Let's share our handiwork, songs, poems, art, music, videos, and original thingamajigs!

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Love the toast! 

I love photography and watercolor.  Here is Tahiti Tattoo an attempt at combination.

Unfortunately, it seems that painting while on the boat takes too much effort to drag everything out and then hope the water doesn't spill while we are moving.

I am just getting into photoshop so that I can "watercolor" or paint the no spill way.  I also have Aperture which has some special effects.  Photoshop isn't real intuitive and am trying to learn how to do some of this clever stuff, plus turn some of my photos into reproducible giclee.  Any tips or advice would be appreciated. Roz

Ok, maybe I'm egotistical, but I'd like to show off a few of my recent Welcome gifs .

I'm having way too much fun to just have one or two people see them.

They look great!

And you certainly have all your ducks in a row!

I started a cartoon series about Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron helping morally afflicted vegetables.  The next episode is turning out a lot better... hope you enjoy :)  This episode shows how the common person is much more moral then the God of the bible, by making fun of Noah's Ark.


Creative mind of Steve Martin has given us a hymnal!! :)



Actually, so has Jerry Phillips: http://www.humanisthymnal.com/x_hymnal.html

And another page with adapted hymns and songs as well as some original songs: http://home.alphalink.com.au/~jperkins/HumanistSongs.htm

Monty Harper's "These Three Flames" for lighting candles at HumanLight would definitely go into a humanist hymnal: http://montysongs.freeforums.org/post271.html#p271

That was funny....My favorite part was "the h is always lower case."



I have a blog where I post things I make if you want to look around. 

Nome's Artsy Fartsy Stuff

Grinningcat is way too modest. He's gifted me with several fancy Welcome gifs, which were more sophisticated than my own. Here's his latest gift for me to welcome newbies. Do you recognize the song?

Photoshop Skillz -- I haz them (Grinning Cat's remix of a photo by AlishaV at flickr)


Nice one!

Neat! :)




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