I've always found the evolution of children toys as reflections of the adult culture fascinating. In my childhood , a few years after the Great Depression, (I still don't see why it was so “great”) the number one toy for a boy was a cap gun – or even better a BB gun. For girls it was dolls or some miniaturized domestic appliance. Reflecting the time when boys were suppose to be dominate and aggressive and girls passive housewives.
Over the years toys have become more complex with different purposes in child development. Some are directed toward the education or socialization of children, some develop specific skills, many are gender specific, some are just fun and a few are just plain stupid and a bit disturbing. An example of the latter is..

Maybe Pee & Poo are meant to be toilet training devices but it seems to me that a toy that personalizes bodily wastes could be traumatizing to the child when the real thing gets flushed into the abyss (my bet would be that both Pee and Poo will make it down the drain within days).
Having said that, I really, really want a Pee & Poo for my grandsons 17th birthday (he's already toilet trained....mostly)

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You would be in awe of my 9 year old nephew's "wish list"  when it comes to arms and vehicles.

I can't think of a better thing for a 17th birthday. 


I got my first bb gun when I was 6.  37 years later, it lives in my gun case.  That thing was my pride and joy.  I guess it kind of still is.

Btw, I meant the pee and poo for the 17th birthday.  A 17 year old boy can't be trusted with a bb gun:)

ha i was 14 or 15 when i got a 16 guage shotgun, i was living with a hunting family then. i only stayed with them for 6 months, tho.
i think i was like ten when my grand ma splurged and bought me a lionel "L" guage electric train set for xmas. man i was sooo damn happy
I hope you kept it.  It would be worth some cash now.

After my parents wouldn't get me a army surplus Lee Enfield rifle, I got an opportunity to steal one out of a truck, when I was 7.  My father had never let me fire his Lee Enfield SMLE rifle (WW1 era), because he claimed it would put me on my ass. I discovered that it didn't kick that bad, and enjoyed it until the bullets ran out. To this day, the 1917 SMLE is my favorite bolt action rifle. When I was 10, I started hunting with my father (that is, actually using a firearm too, not just flushing out the game), but I used my brother-in-law's antique 30-30 lever action.

When I was 13, I joined the Sea Cadets, and got to use a Canadian Forces C1 rifle (also known as a Belgian FN-FAL, in 7.62 NATO/.308 Winchester). When I was 17, I joined the Canadian army (artillery) and got to use my first "real" gun - 105mm Howitzer!

I my be very left-wing, and progresive, but I'm still a gun nut!

I, too, am progressive, but I sure love to hunt hogs with my .30-30 Winchester:)


That is totally fucking awesome, in a rather fucked up way!

Damn.  I wish Pee & Poo had been on the market before I divorced my ex.  I could have got it as an anniversary present with a note saying, "From the depth of my of being to you.  Thanks for fucking up my life!"

These toys are pretty disturbing, but I have a great link about some even MORE twisted toys :)







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