Exercise Is Good for Your Waistline -- But It's a Writing Exercise

"How we feel about ourselves can have a big effect," Logel says. "We think it sort of kicks off a recursive process."

Many studies have found that even briefly thinking about values can have a big effect on situations where people feel a threat to their integrity.

"There's certainly no harm in taking time to reflect on important values and working activities you value into your daily life," Logel says. [emphasis mine]

Religions stuff values down believers throats, and emphasize limited self-affirmation that serves their propagation. In freeing ourselves from their influence, atheists often forget to replace those dysfunctional affirmations with authentic celebration of values we choose for ourselves. Let's start here and now. I propose we each compose a one paragraph essay for this discussion. An image wouldn't be a bad idea, if you have one that fits.

What is hour highest personal value? How does it influence your life?

Ruth Anthony-Gardner's highest value

My central aspiration, the organizing value that grounds me, is an ever-evolving Personal Theory of Everything. I strive for a grand consilience that includes human nature and the nature of reality. I need to imagine a possible path to human actualization in a better world, a transcendent future in the sense of transforming how we live with one another and the Earth. To this end I draw upon neurology, psychology, sociology, physics and other sciences, philosophy, complexity, constructal theory, memetics, anthropology, and media effects, integrating particular aspects of each with personal experience.

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Well said, Tom!

Tom - yeh you just get a number of cousins mix em up and hey presto - chocolate!

I want to leave the world a better place than it was when I came. So I try to clean up after myself, lend a hand to other lifeforms who can use help, and I try not to be a nuisance. I value quiet harmonious surroundings that enable us to think.

Wow Ruth! I love your statement :) 

As for me, I value knowledge, our right to ask questions and attempt to answer them without being judged, obstructed, reprimanded for having pursued them, ridiculed, ostracised, and/or persecuted. I value our childish curiosity about our existence and seek to defend and nourish it. I value our oneness and diversity as a species and strive to promote tolerance. I value human dignity and our individual rights to become who we want to become, in whichever way we would like to get there. I value our insignificance in this incomprehensibly vast universe and constantly (and more often than not, annoyingly) remind people of it. I value people's creativity, determination, strife, struggle, achievements, success, and dedication to whatever it is they hold dear and deem important. I value my own failures and mistakes and respect the indeterminacy of my life. And most of all, I value those whose time amongst the living did not go unnoticed and did leave its mark on the rest of history. 

Wow Kinan! I love your statement too.



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